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Kevin San & Associates
Kevin San, Owner and Director

We're a very new practice with only two staff, and we strive to provide a full tax & accounting service to small and medium businesses. So in addition to tax & GST compliance, we also do AP and AR outsourcing, bookkeeping, payroll, and we provide Xero and supporting add-ons.

About Us

In addition to the accounting and tax essentials, most importantly we provide a "CFO" service to our clients; we offer fixed-fee packages which include regular meetings where we can provide financial guidance to our clients...very much like their own part-time CFO.

We've found that it's this aspect that our clients value the most, and they like to use up this time.

In terms of client profile, we tend to focus on small to medium clients in the restaurant and automotive sector. We've only been in business 6 months, and we service 8 business clients that pay us a monthly retainer.

Kevin San & Associates before Practice Ignition

I signed up for PI even before I opened my practice, so I can't really say…

Before I started my practice, I spent a few days hanging out at another, more traditional small firm. And I saw that they spent quite a bit of time on monthly billing, reminders and collection. Just the time they spent on sending email reminders to clients to sign or pay things was significant. And they also found it time consuming to ensure that every engagement was covered by an engagement letter, especially for small jobs like the review of a personal tax return.

Kevin San & Associates meets Practice Ignition

PI allows me to treat invoicing as set-and-forget; it happens in the background and I don't need to touch it (unless the client had run out of funds and the payment has bounced). And PI allows me to package the engagement letter into the invoice, so even if I only have one formal touchpoint with the client on a small matter; they get the engagement letter and invoice in one go. It's easier for clients and much easier for me.

Kevin San & Associates now

On average, we are adding one client per month, that pays us "monthly recurring" income, which is growth that I'm quite happy with. But I'd like to increase that to two new clients per month for 2017.

I can foresee that PI will help me manage the growth, by ensuring that invoicing, collection and engagement letter compliance never becomes a pain point as we grow.

If all small firms adopted PI, it would save them a couple of man-days per month. It certainly saves me a lot of time.

What’s next?

The metrics that PI provides is very important. My goal is to build the client base that pays a monthly retainer. Fees from one-off work like consulting or personal tax returns are welcome, but my main focus is building that base of recurring income. PI's dashboard is tailor made to help me monitor that growth.

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