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Centralized client billing puts you in control.

Easily access all your client billing information right when you need it, because it’s all in one place. You’ll always be in control of upcoming client invoices and payments.

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Why customers love Ignition

saved per week on average billing and sending invoices
saved per week on average collecting and reconciling payments
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Our customers save hours on client billing

  • "The amount of time I spend doing monthly billing has declined from 8 hours to maybe 1 hour. We have almost no accounts receivables!"

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    Pam Cody
    Sound Tax & Accounting
  • "This software is simple, intuitive and takes a huge burden off of my shoulders when it comes to billing. It is as close as you can come to 'set it and forget it' billing. I highly recommend this software to any professional services company."

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    Travis Huisman
    Flexure Accounting
  • "The time saved by invoicing directly through Ignition frees our time so we can spend more time providing great outcomes for our clients."

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    Paul Sweeney
    Pretium Solutions

Customized billing. Every practice. Every client.

Ignition helps streamline client billing management. You can choose from a wide range of flexible billing options—whether your practice uses recurring or fixed fee billing, bills by the hour, or both.

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Billing world of possibilities

Bill your clients by the hour, by the week, by the month, quarterly, or even annually when creating proposals. Or you can bill on completion—it’s up to you. And you can select any combination of billing frequency, such as monthly and quarterly, for the same client.

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Upfront deposits. Peace of mind. 

Request an upfront deposit in your proposal and minimize the chance of non-payment. Then automatically invoice your client when they sign, or schedule the payment for a specific date.

Get paid even when the scope changes

Easily make changes to the price, quantity or billing details of your services – even after they’ve been accepted by your client. Ignition will notify your client of small adjustments to the agreement without the hassle of signing a whole new proposal.

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More client billing features

Integrate Xero or QuickBooks Online with Ignition to automate billing and invoice reconciliation once your client accepts your proposal. Ignition creates and sends a new invoice through your ledger software, then marks it as paid when it collects payment.

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Want automated billing that’s flexible? With Ignition, you’ve got it. Bill your clients the way you want, when you want. Whether it’s for a single, one-off project, or monthly recurring fees, Ignition lets you customize billing at any time. And it’s quick and easy to make changes to future billing—even for clients on recurring payment schedules.

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Ignition keeps all your client information in one central hub. View client contact details, their scope of work and their agreed services, along with billing, invoices and payments.

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Choose automatic billing if you’ve set the price and fee schedule, or manual billing if you want to control each invoice. But you’ll always have the option to change the billing type if you prefer.

Plans & Pricing

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