Transformed proposals boost average revenue per client by 15%

Discover how RightWay saved time, and achieved growth and financial success with the right technology partner.

Stuart Wilkinson, CEO

The results with Ignition

About Stuart Wilkinson and RightWay

For over a decade, RightWay – a progressive New Zealand-based accounting practice – has embraced technology, both internally and in its client interactions. Despite its innovative ethos, the business’ profitability and client experience suffered due to inefficient proposal tools and processes. Having worked alongside business owners for 15 years, CEO Stuart Wilkinson knew there had to be a better way. Stuart’s approach is all about frank conversations and honest advice. He believes the best the team can do is create the conditions for clients to succeed. 

The challenge

Software failed to simplify labour-intensive tasks

RightWay’s 30-strong team across New Zealand and the Philippines were for years bogged down by the labour-intensive tasks of creating proposals and managing scope changes. 

They had tried out various software tools like PandaDoc and GoProposal to no avail – they were either not accounting-specific, too rigid or not structured enough. 

“The team became frustrated with the time they were spending creating proposals and managing scope changes,” says Stuart. 

“They would often be so frustrated with the tools we were using that they would simply put off doing the work – leading to delays in getting proposals out and out-of-scope work was simply not charged for as it was too much effort.”

The inefficiencies in RightWay’s proposal processes negatively impacted the firm's bottom line and conversion rates due to client confusion about the scope of services and poor onboarding experience.

The solution

Start using Ignition to optimise proposal and billing processes

In mid-2023, RightWay adopted revenue-generation platform Ignition to optimise its proposal and billing processes using software that was specifically designed for accounting and professional services. 

“Ignition provides a frictionless client experience via an easy-to-use interface and the team loves the speed at which they can get proposals out to their clients,” says Stuart. “We’ve gone from spending around an hour on each proposal to now being able to do it in around 10 minutes.”

Being able to neatly present customised service and pricing packages to clients in a way that clearly outlines the scope of work has been critical for Stuart. 

“The ability to break down big value deals and easily manage scope in Ignition is brilliant. Ignition can handle that really well.”

Ignition’s recent introduction of direct debit in New Zealand has excited Stuart: “As we prepare for EOFY, setting up Ignition Payments to automate payment collection, invoicing and reconciliation is a high priority for the new year,” he says. 

“Managing our payments in Ignition will create more efficiency with ongoing engagements since all client information will be in one place. It’ll help with business reporting and insights and also improve the client experience. Capturing payment details upfront will be invaluable in reducing our debtors,” says Stuart.

How embracing change impacted RightWay’s results

Since implementing Ignition, RightWay has experienced remarkable improvements in proposal conversion rates, now sitting at 85%. The firm’s bookkeeping revenue has grown by 30% YoY in the last year, and the average monthly revenue per client increased by 15%. 

Stuart credits Ignition with providing invaluable business insights through its reporting features, enabling better decision-making and forecasting for future growth. 

“Our team is now better positioned to tackle EOFY, with more efficient processes in place and a seamless client experience thanks to Ignition.”

RightWay’s journey underscores the transformative power of choosing the right technology partner. Ignition addressed RightWay's specific challenges, leading to improved profitability, efficiency, and client satisfaction. As Stuart and his team look to the future, the transformation stands as a testament to the benefits of embracing innovative solutions tailored to the accounting and professional services industry.

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