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Clear, confident business decisions. That’s Ignition for you.

Ignition’s business dashboard puts you in control so you can make clear, confident decisions. Your sales pipeline, upcoming client renewals, and forecast revenue is at your fingertips.

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Why customers love Ignition

saved per week on average billing, collecting and reconciling payments
saved per week on average creating proposals and issuing engagement letters
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Business insights at your fingertips

  • "With the new dashboard I get an overview of my business for the year ahead, including projected revenue, projected payment, clients engaged and a breakdown of which of my services is making me the most money. Love it!"

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    Sally Brindle
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  • "As soon as we turned Ignition on, we quickly realized how inefficient we really had been!"

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    Steph Hinds

Be prepared. Plan ahead with your dashboard

Plan ahead with confidence with full visibility of your cash flow. You know how much cash is coming in, when. Project your revenue for the year ahead and make informed business decisions now.

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Invoice alerts

Business insights at a glance. One click is all it takes.

Your Ignition dashboard lets you view your key business metrics so you don’t need to run reports manually. You’ll understand where your business was, where it is now, and where it’s going — offering you insights to help you make the right decisions.

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Forecast your business growth. No crystal ball required.

Ignition enables you to forecast your revenue for the year ahead, which means you can also forecast your business growth—and make it happen. Every time a client signs your Ignition proposal, your dashboard is instantly updated. So you can make business decisions based on accurate, real-time numbers.

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More business dashboard features

Focus your business effort on the most profitable services by tracking revenue breakdown by service —and watch your business flourish.

Revenue dashboard

If you’ve moved to a recurring business model, use the dashboard to track how much of your revenue is recurring against any one-off charges.

Get quick insights into the state of your current sales conversions. Track how many proposals have been sent, how many have been accepted, and how much new revenue has been added.

Plans & Pricing

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