A practice with the right tools

Alex started her practice in April 2015, after leaving a company who didn't want to embrace tech. Meeting Xero and add-on companies at conferences who have spent time and money in making her life easier presented a clear chance for her to set up on her own and use them. Alex is currently working with 4 staff members.

Soaring Falcon Accountancy
Alex Falcon Huerta, Founder

About Soaring Falcon Accountancy

Soaring Falcon is based in Bedford, UK. We take care of cloud companies, tech geeks, creatives but also have a small number of local businesses in various industries who have embraced tech. We carry out R&D claims for our developer clients. We are fully in the cloud and paperless. We are now working with clients who have gone global. We are also looking to go global ourselves ...FUN TIMES!

Prior to implementing Ignition -

I set up the practice with all the cool tools. In my previous company however, this was pretty painful. Sending out letters and asking for a signature, then asking them to post back - was a very long process. Time wasted chasing or resending as this isn't a client’s priority. Payments were made monthly or annually. I’ve implemented GoCardless in my practice and now started to use Ignition payments.

Soaring Falcon Accountancy meets Ignition

Since adopting Ignition, getting a signed letter of engagement is instant with digital signatures and a clear option of showing prices. This used to be a seriously painful process that would take days. The Dashboard gives us easy access to our firm’s cloud metrics and data. We love it.

Soaring Falcon Accountancy now

Because I’ve used Ignition since the offset, the bad experiences I have encountered came from my previous jobs. We don't need to worry about the traditional way as it doesn't impact us. The on-boarding of my clients is 100% much more efficient than it has been in the past. Practices who haven't yet implemented it, completely baffles me. Why on earth would they waste so much time typing up letters of engagement, chasing signatures and payments?

What’s next?

Soaring Falcon Accountancy aims to become a global advisory brand. We will continue to embrace tech as the add-ons grow, and develop to speed our processes and improve efficiencies.

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