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"Ignition has had such a huge impact on our firm. It makes our proposals stand out, reinforces our branding, helps us get paid on time, every time, and their team has been really helpful. They’re awesome, honestly."
Alex BeattieKRW Accountants
"This is probably the single most indispensable tool in our practice. It allows us to get clients signed in a fast and efficient manner and ensure we have communicated our terms of service effectively."
Randall McRaeMcRally
"We save an hour to two hours for each new client, plus we never have to deal with receivables anymore. Literally ever part of the process has improved for us. I couldn't be happier."
Jeremiah KovacsMuseMinded
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Frequently Asked Questions

An active client is someone that has accepted a proposal with Ignition for any given month and still has an active service within its contracted period. Most commonly an active client will represent a single business, legal entity or person.

During your free 14 day trial, you’ll have access to all listed features regardless of the plan, except payments as this requires an account verification process. You’ll be able to collect payments once you have subscribed to a plan. Note that we currently only offer payments in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States.

Once your trial expires, you’ll need to subscribe to our Starter, Professional or Scale plan to continue using Ignition - access to specific features will be dependent on your plan.

You can upgrade your account by entering your credit card at any time during your trial. If you do reach the end of your trial your account will be put on hold until you enter payment details (or decide to cancel). While your account is on hold no data is deleted and any previously sent proposals can still be accepted by your clients but they will not generate invoices or deploy workflows. Invoice generation will resume for any active clients once you subscribe to a plan. However, you will need to generate any missed invoices and workflows manually.
If you subscribe to a plan during your free trial period, you’ll be charged immediately for the subscription fee plus tax (minus any discounts if applicable). Your subscription will start right away and your trial will end.

Your subscription fee will also be collected immediately when you subscribe to a plan after your trial expires.

Your subscription will renew automatically by charging the payment method on file until you cancel. You may cancel at any time prior to the next billing cycle.
You're welcome to sign up to the Starter plan if you'd like to test your account, but we do recommend signing up to the plan that is appropriate to you from the start.
Your plan will not downgrade automatically. If you subscribe to a Starter plan and your active clients reach higher than 25, you'll have the option to pay a fee per additional client (per month), or you'll have the option to upgrade to the Professional plan when it makes sense to. Your plan will stay at the upgraded plan even if it falls below the bracket. You can downgrade your plan in Subscription & Billing.

If you choose a monthly plan, the subscription fee will be collected in advance and all future subscription fees will be automatically collected on your subscription anniversary date each month. If you decide to cancel your monthly plan, you can do so any time before your next monthly subscription anniversary date. Billing will cease on the next anniversary date. Please note, there are no refunds for any unused periods.

If you choose an annual plan, the subscription fee will be collected for 12 months in advance, and all future annual subscription fees will be automatically collected on your subscription anniversary date each year. Please note that if you are using payments, you will be charged payment transaction fees on a monthly basis regardless of whether you are on a monthly or annual subscription.

If you decide to cancel your annual plan, you can do so any time before your annual subscription anniversary date. Given that the annual plan provides you with a discounted subscription rate, no refunds are provided for any remaining months, should you cancel your account within your 12 month period.

If you have more active clients in your account than your plan allows, your additional per-client, per-month fees will be collected in arrears at the end of each month.

No - payment transaction fees are charged on a monthly basis regardless of whether you are on a monthly or annual subscription. You'll be charged the current payment rates offered at the time.
No, a client only counts toward your plans' quota once they have accepted a proposal that has been created through Ignition.
You'll have the option to upgrade to a higher plan or pay the additional per-client, per-month fee. If you choose to upgrade halfway through a billing cycle, the current month will be prorated.
No. When you import clients they are imported as a lead status. You will only be billed for active clients (see above).
You can create as many proposals for a single client as you like and that client will only count toward your active client quota once.
Yes - while every client and use case can be unique, our team can help you transition all your existing clients to Ignition. This will enable you to standardize how you engage your clients, streamline your processes and gain insights around your business metrics to make strategic decisions.
We are happy to work with large companies and departments and arrange volume pricing. Email info@ignitionapp.com with a description of your business and we can look at options for you.

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