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Run your business on autopilot when you connect your favorite apps to Ignition. Save time and minimize admin, tedious tasks and mistakes. From the moment your client signs your proposal, automated workflows swing into action.
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Why customers love Ignition

  • "Ignition has been a complete game changer for my business. Not only do we receive our payments in a timely manner, because of the direct debits inbuilt into it, we can plan out our bill payments due to the frequency of scheduled invoice disbursals, we can onboard our clients in a more streamlined fashion as it incorporates our engagement letter and confidentiality agreement."

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    Jen Swenson
    Enthusia Consulting
  • "Ignition simplified our internal processes and has removed the need for paper engagement letters. Our clients love it!"

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    Craig Pisani
    542 Partners
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Flawless integration. Hassle free.

Improve your client engagement and streamline your workflow by connecting your Ignition account with our trusted app partners.


"Ignition is such an amazing program! The way it streamlines the process of engaging clients, creating jobs in XPM, invoicing in Xero AND collecting payments has made my life so much less complicated. It leaves me so much more time to chase new business and improve processes, things I couldn't do before because my time was spent on all the things that Ignition automates!"
Diane TippingQuest Accountants
"Ignition is great. My proposals are consistent now and much quicker to prepare. Also, rollovers are streamlined. I love the interface and would really recommend it, even for sole practitioners like me, as I've found it saves me huge amounts of time and has a very professional look."
Nicola HolmanNicola Holman Chartered Accountant Ltd
"Ignition makes it very easy for us to onboard and invoice clients for recurring work that we do."
Alexey MitkoInteractive Accounting
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Connect apps to Ignition for powerful business benefits

Discover the business benefits from connecting your vital apps to Ignition.

Connect Ignition to your business apps and let the automation flow begin—from the minute your client signs your online proposal. Automatically create workflows in your practice management software. Raise invoices in your ledger software, and even mark them as paid. Then grow your business with the time you save.

Xero or QuickBooks Online + Ignition = automated accounts receivable processing. It all starts when your proposal is accepted. Ignition creates invoices in your ledger software, marks them as paid when it collects payments for you, and speeds up invoice reconciliation.

Connect your practice management software—Xero Practice Manager, or Karbon—to Ignition, and get ready to automate task management. Once your proposal is accepted, client onboarding and project workflow processes swing into action. So no more double-handling, and setting up jobs and work items is easy.

App integration

Connecting Zapier to Ignition enables you to build custom automations without a developer in sight. Run your business like clockwork from the second your proposal is accepted by connecting Ignition with your favorite apps using Zapier. Whether it’s managing your sales pipeline, automatically sending an onboarding email to a client, or keeping your team informed, it’s easy to automate workflows.

Ignition and Zapier integration

When you connect Gusto to Ignition, you can easily offer People Advisory services and bundle Gusto software subscriptions in just one client proposal. What’s more, you can automate billing for any service you bill per employee by syncing with Gusto data in real-time.

Popular zaps that save you hours of busy work

Save time and boost efficiency with thousands of automations. Get a head start with our pre-built Zap workflow templates.

Connect Ignition + Zapier to access thousands of apps

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