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Run your business like clockwork with automated proposals and payments in one convenient client engagement and commerce platform, so you can focus on on what matters - your client.

"Practice Ignition gets it. They understand how to add value to accounting firms at all stages - from onboarding to receiving the money in the bank. Built by accountants for accountants and it seems they are just getting started!"

Carl Diedericks

Carl Diedericks

Mervitz & Malan Chartered Accountants

Does this sound like your administrative nightmare?

Red Cross

You create ad hoc proposals in Word or the proposal software of your choice

Red Cross

Sometimes, this results in embarrassing mistakes like mixing up client information

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Then you manually send your proposal and a number of "just following up" emails until they sign (if they sign)

Red Cross

Once signed, you manually create an invoice and chase payments while watching accounts receivables grow

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Then the scope changes - and you have to do it all again - edit, manually sign, update your invoice & payment systems

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Are you still printing, signing, scanning, mailing contracts and asking clients to do the same?

Let's see how Practice Ignition eliminates friction, wins you business and gets you paid!

Send a proposal immediately after a call and forget about it until the money is in your bank

Brochure Proposal

Send a proposal that includes your terms and conditions, sales brochure, and a place to enter payment info and sign.

Accept Payments Proposals

Your client enters their payment details to gain permission to digitally sign so that you can stop chasing payments.

Dashboard Revenue

Once signed, payment is sent, invoices are reconciled, and your BI dashboard is updated — automatically.

This is how it works

You get off a call with a potential client. They're excited and the details are fresh. Now is the time to send your proposal.

Create a proposal in 5 minutes

Pull in your services and pricing from your library in a couple of clicks, automatically include your terms of service, and set your payment terms (fixed fee, recurring, pro-rata payments, anything).

And because payment processing is built in, you can require bank or credit card details before your client can sign and never chase a payment again.

After a call, it takes me all of 5 minutes to send my proposal. I just look at my notes, pull in the right pieces from my library, make a few tweaks and hit send. They get an email and I'm done — Practice Ignition does the rest. I love how quickly and easily I can create an intricate proposal.

Rebecca Berneck

Rebecca Berneck

CEO, Officeheads

Homepage Proposal

And when you're competing for work or trying to impress bigger and better clients — we've got something to help you kick it up a notch.

When your client signs, manual tasks you waste hours on each month happen automatically

Payment Collection
Payment collection without the chase

Require clients to enter payment details before signing and they'll get billed automatically on your schedule. No more chasing payments.

Invoice Reconciliation Cross Referencing
Invoice reconciliation without cross-referencing

Invoices are created in your accounting software and marked as paid automatically. No more double and triple checking that everyone has paid.

Dashboard Revenue
Dashboards and forecasts without spreadsheets

When you send a proposal or get paid, we crunch the numbers and spit out every metric you could ask for. No more spreadsheets or wondering how you're doing.

Turn your plain proposal into a powerful sales tool

Embed a stunning PDF brochure that includes testimonials and results, your process, a visual project road map... anything that makes choosing you easy. And yes, we have stunning templates you can customize with a designer.

Being able to add a PDF brochure to our proposal helped us land one of our biggest clients. If it weren't for this brochure feature, we'd have to send our Guide to Excelling Together document as a big email attachment, which is messy and easy to miss.

Natasha Amanatidis

Natasha Amanatidis

SEIVA Business

Marketing Brochure Cover
Icon Proposal Automated

Set some automated follow ups so that you can forget about this proposal until it's signed and hit send...

Icon Notification

Get notified the second your client opens the proposal...

Icon Magic Wand

And this is where the magic happens...

The results are in...

of our customers spend less time creating proposals and chasing signatures and payments

I've doubled my client roster this year while reducing the amount of time I have to be at work by 20%. I started taking Fridays off and I doubled my client roster. It's just become super efficient.

Rebecca Berneck

Rebecca Berneck

CEO, Officeheads

were able to cancel other software subscriptions

I used to use (and pay for) multiple programs. I was using Adobe eSign for online contracts and accepting payments through a myriad of processors:, Stripe, Paypal, Intuit, check... Practice Ignition wiped all that away.

Mariel Diaz

Mariel Diaz

Founder, Accounting for Jewelers

have fewer (or no) unpaid invoices at any given time

Practice Ignition replaced our entire invoicing and accounts receivable process. We used to spend two full days a month on our own invoicing. Switching has made it so that we will never again have to chase a client for money.

Ingrid Edstrom

Ingrid Edstrom


And the majority of our customers are closing more and bigger deals

I'm able to engage in bigger deals and make sure I'm getting paid for them. This has been a significant game changer.

Justin Botillier

Justin Botillier

Owner, Rogue Tax Professionals

If you're short on time or too busy growing — we'll help set you up

Icon Task List

We help set up your terms and conditions, import your services for one-click access, and optimize key settings


You get access to our webinars which cover using Practice Ignition and running a more efficient and profitable service-based business

Training Setup

And if you'd like to get started even faster, we offer affordable setup and training. Perfect for when you'd rather focus on billable work

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