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Nhidi can now get her proposal signed with ease.

Ignition’s online proposal templates and digital signatures mean Nhidi can create and send her proposal, and have it signed within minutes —along with automated payment collection. Speed is of the essence.

Here’s a typical Ignition timeline

How ignition works
30 OCT 2021 11:05AM
Ignition new client

Here’s a typical Ignition timeline

Nhidi has a new client, Robert Fischer.
After their first meeting, Robert asked Nhidi to send him a proposal tailored to his specific business needs.


Quickly created an online proposal in Ignition and sent it to Robert.

Proposal sent to Robert Fischer


Received proposal from Nhidi and opened it.

1 hour later 30 OCT 2021 12:05PM


Has read the proposal and has selected the Monthly Payments proposal option to sign.

Robert has provided his credit card for the monthly payments.
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Robert Fischer has signed your Ignition proposal!

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Invoices are raised monthly by Ignition for recurring billing.


Will receive monthly invoices and will automatically be billed on a monthly basis.

2 DAYS LATER* 30 OCT 2021 12:05PM
Nhidi has received her first payment from Robert.

*Average credit card payment clearance time except CA. Full T&C here.

30 oct 2021 - 30 Oct 2022
1 year later 30 oct 2023 11:05AM
Photos of social media posts

New 5-stars review

Robert has been delighted with Nhidi’s services over the past 12 months. Business is growing and Robert now needs more assistance from Nhidi to scale his business effectively.


Request to add 2 additional services to the scope of work.


Adds 2 services to the renewal proposal and adds a half yearly scope of work review.

Proposal sent to Robert Fischer
Proposal has been signed!

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