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This 5-day series will set you up for success with Ignition.

Webinars in the series

Bootcamp Session 1 - What's new in Ignition

Efficiency, Better communication & Flexibility options will help you leverage your Ignition Account with these new features! Join us for a first look at these amazing tools and more that you might have missed in your account.

  • Service Edits & Scope Creep
  • Pipeline & Completed Proposals
  • Client Communications (Intro/Next step message Templates)

Bootcamp Session 2 - Creating a Beautiful First Impression

Learn how to create a beautiful first impression when using Ignition to engage your clients. We'll show you how to optimize your brand by customizing your email notifications, reinforcing your value proposition with a professional brochure, and even how to use video in your proposal. We also have some other advanced user pro tips to share as well!

Bootcamp Session 3 - Pricing & managing scope creep

In this webinar, we discuss some common pricing methodologies along with some best use cases for each. Additionally, we wdemonstrate how to manage scope creep after a proposal has been accepted along with some best practices to be proactive about increasing scope when building a proposal.

Bootcamp Session 4 - Automating Manual Tasks

The new found appeal for automation is to work more productively to help your business grow. It is impossible to do everything yourself - automation can help eliminate repetitive menial tasks and can increase the accuracy of those tasks so that nothing gets missed.

We discuss the ways Ignition can help grow and automate your processes so you have the ability and time to tend to your clients' needs.

Bootcamp Session 5 - Incredible Ignition Integrations

Learn how to get the most out of some of Ignition's powerful native integrations.

QBO/Xero - how reconciliation works, managing your invoices, other tips

Karbon/IPM - how workflow automation works, when to integrate, tips.