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Automate tasks, standardize common processes, schedule data collection and scale onboarding when you integrate Karbon and Ignition.
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Key benefits to integrating Ignition with Karbon

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Automatic workflow management

Don’t spend time creating workflows from scratch. Build your work templates and link to your Ignition services so they populate your workflow each time your proposal is accepted.

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Streamline client onboarding

When a proposal is accepted, work is created for that client including any automated tasks. This helps you reduce your onboarding time.

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Create clients automatically

By connecting Ignition and Karbon, new clients that you engage will automatically be created in Karbon once they’ve accepted your online proposal.

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Free up your team

Make manual double-handling a thing of the past, so your team is free to focus on what matters most - your clients.

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Why customers love Ignition

  • "The tech support is super fast and they follow up with you until your questions are taken care of. They're always coming out with new updates to make it even better. I would be a wreck right now if I didn't have this tool!"

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    Jennifer Leinhos
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  • "Absolutely love Ignition - the software is amazing, is very easy to customize and has saved us hours of admin work."

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    Sharon Pocock
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Intelligent workflows that make you smile

From the minute your client accepts their Ignition proposal, Karbon will come into its own. The result? A seamless client onboarding workflow that will bring a smile to your face—every time. Onboarding is now a streamlined dream. What’s more, your team can get started right away. No wasted time. No forgotten tasks. Even more reasons to smile.

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It begins with your first client meeting

Any services your clients accept in Ignition will trigger the linked Karbon template to automatically create work items. And once the work items are created, nominated team members can get to work on their scheduled work items.

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Workflow management software with accounting firms at its heart

Karbon is a collaboration tool that acts as a work and communication hub for medium and large accounting businesses. Karbon combines email, internal communications and powerful workflows to align your team in a single place where they can collaborate and increase your capacity to deliver on time—and on budget.

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What is Karbon?

Karbon is a collaboration platform that acts as a work and communication hub for medium and large businesses. It offers functionalities such as email integration, internal communication, workflow management, task management, client collaboration, CRM, work templates and more.

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