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Why professional services and accounting businesses recommend Ignition

  • "We have zero accounts receivables, literally none. I used to have to go chase people. Now, we charge our clients the first of the month – it's automatically withdrawn from their bank account or from their credit card account."

    Marie Greene avatar
    Marie Greene
    Founder & CEO, Connected Accounting
  • "I was able to grow my business by 40% and win back 100+ hours of admin time by automating invoicing, payment collection and workflow thanks to Ignition."

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    Adarsh Dutt
    Co-Founder, Oyster Hub
  • "We’ve gone from spending three months on admin (billing clients and creating engagement letters) to about two days. That’s a 97% reduction. It’s incredible to think of how much time we wasted simply because we didn’t know a better alternative method existed."

    Jeffery Davidson avatar
    Jeffery Davidson
    Jeffery Davidson & Associates

Uncover how much money Ignition can save your practice.

By automating time-consuming tasks and optimizing resource allocation, Ignition empowers your team to focus on core responsibilities, maximizing their potential and driving growth.