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JobKeeper 2.0: new services and terms templates available

September 25th, 2020 by Rebecca Mihalic 1 minute read

As accountants and bookkeepers across Australia prepare to help their clients assess eligibility for the next round of JobKeeper, let’s take a look at the changes required to your engagement services and terms for JobKeeper 2.0.

This time round, it’s not suitable to rinse and repeat the JobKeeper services and terms from the original arrangement. Differences with JobKeeper 2.0 include changes to the eligibility requirements, the reporting, and the amounts.

So if like me, you are spending this week reading notes, watching webinars and getting across your software provider’s new payroll processes – a helping hand with your engagements is just what's needed!

To help us out, the team at Practice Ignition have put together some new JobKeeper services and terms to import into your service library.

The new services reflect the dates for the next round of JobKeeper (28 September 2020 to 3 January 2021) and include in the terms the updated payment amounts and requirements for eligible employers and employees. All to help make sure that your clients are aware of the changes, have signed off on them, and that you are properly engaged to help them.

Practice Ignition is regularly updating the service library to reflect changes to government schemes. These will also be updated again in time for the January to March 2021 period.

You can add the services via the Business Continuity Planning Services Library in Practice Ignition. Reach out to or your account manager and we can give you a hand!

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