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This 5-day series will set you up for year-end success with Ignition.

Webinars in the series

Learning week: Prep your Ignition account for year-end

Join account manager Ekin to learn how to set up your Ignition account for success this year-end. This webinar will clarify which clients you should engage this year and lay the foundational elements for creating your year-end and tax proposal templates.

Learning week: Communicating with your clients for year-end

Join account manager Isabelle and learn to improve your year-end client communication. This webinar will cover efficient methods of communication and best practices for re-engaging your clients.

Learning week: Standardizing your services for year-end

Join Ignition team members Cindy & Chris as they walk you through strategies for standardizing your offerings and creating custom templates.

Learning week: Engaging your clients in bulk for year-end

Join account manager Reid as he walks you through creating proposals in bulk for tax season.

Learning week: Renewing and re-engaging clients this year-end

Do you have client engagements you need to renew for 2023? It's not too late! Join account manager Maria and learn how Ignition can help you run a smoother and more efficient year end.