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PRODUCT 3 mins 19 Jul 2023 by Dane Thomas
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Grow revenue and retain clients with these latest Ignition releases.

With business growth and client retention front of mind for most professional services businesses, here at Ignition we’ve continued to work on expanding our platform to provide our customers with more features you can utilize to get paid faster, become more profitable, and run more efficiently.

Recently we’ve released greater capability to:

  • Renew your client agreements to retain business and upsell services;

  • Get paid faster using Google Pay and Apple Pay;

  • Speed up proposal creation with bulk-send functionality; and

  • Easily automate payment collection for all of your clients by requesting payment details in bulk.

Continue reading to learn more below!

Easily renew proposals to retain clients and upsell services

Ensure you retain existing clients and reduce your workload by renewing your existing client proposals in just a few clicks. Seamlessly transition your services and billing from one period to the next and take the opportunity to adjust the scope, pricing and upsell services with ease.

Renewing agreements is now simpler as Ignition will automatically create your draft renewals with inherited projects, payment, automation, and presentation settings from the original proposal.

Renew one at a time or save hours, if not days of admin by renewing in bulk. With this release you can ensure you get paid for all the work you do with Ignition taking care of the billing transition when the renewal proposal is accepted. Plus, you’ll enjoy a smoother workflow, with the ability to quickly identify proposals that are in the process of being renewed, or have been renewed.

Meanwhile, stay compliant with an easy way to renew terms and collect an up-to-date e-signature.

Learn more about renewing proposals

Get paid easily with Google Pay and Apple Pay

Getting paid with Ignition is now even easier, faster, and more secure with the ability to accept payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay. It’s more convenient than ever for your clients to pay, meaning you get paid on time while providing clients with an even better experience.

Google Pay and Apple Pay are available this month for all new customers in the US and Australia, and all customers soon after.

Learn more about Google Pay and Apple Pay

Free up valuable time by sending out proposals in bulk

Time is money. Ignition saves you both. Now you can send multiple proposals out to multiple clients at once with just the click of a button.

Have proposals sitting in draft and want to get them out the door quickly? Bulk send. Have proposals awaiting acceptance by your clients? Re-send them. In bulk.

See how the bulk send feature works

BETA: auto-create proposals from Xero invoices to automate payments

Ignition customers can now opt-in to our beta program allowing you to automatically create proposals in Ignition from repeating invoices in Xero.

Easily migrate existing recurring business from Xero to Ignition to take advantage of Ignition’s automated payments and gain a more complete view of your business performance.

All Ignition customers using Xero can take advantage of this feature if opted into the beta program (speak to your account manager today!) and for customers using Intuit QuickBooks – keep an eye out for this feature availability coming very soon.

Automate payment collection for all of your clients by requesting payment details in bulk

If you’re still chasing late payments, then it’s never been easier to switch to Ignition’s automated payments.

If you haven't captured payment details upfront as part of your proposal, you can now securely collect payment details from clients and set up automatic payments with a few clicks.

You’ll be able to identify clients without a saved payment method in Ignition, send a request from Ignition for the types of payment method you accept, and track the status of your request against your client records.

Identify clients that have had rejected payments or expired cards too, and easily collect new payment methods.

Learn more about requesting client payment methods

What’s coming next?

New Ignition features currently in the works include the ability to bill clients for ad hoc work to ensure you get paid for all your work, the ability to easily increase your prices to grow revenue and become more profitable, and more ways to automate manual processes. All with the goal to help Ignition customers spend less time on mundane admin and more time growing their businesses.

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Published 19 Jul 2023 Last updated 19 Jul 2023