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We've started 2021 with a bang by releasing a number of exciting product updates to help your firm

INCREASE EFFICIENCY 3 mins 21 Apr 2021 by Dane Thomas
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Even though 2020 was a transformational year for the Ignition platform, we thought we’d start 2021 with a bang by releasing a number of exciting product updates to help you run your practice more efficiently and get paid faster.

The less time you spend on admin, the more time you can focus on adding value to your clients - and that’s exactly what our latest product releases have set out to do.

Releasing our New Proposal Editor globally

Back in October 2020, we reimagined the proposal creation experience by releasing the beta version of our New Proposal Editor to allow practices to tailor proposals to suit every client. Now our New Proposal Editor has gone truly global - becoming the default experience for new Ignition customers, and automatically appearing as an editor option for existing customers.

From more flexible billing options such as hourly and unit-based billing, to offering proposal options to upsell services, there are countless ways your practice can benefit from our new proposal experience.

Saving you time with custom or ready-made proposal templates

To deliver even more value with our New Proposal Editor, we released custom proposal templates on our Pro and Pro+ plans. This allows admin users to create company-wide proposal templates that every staff member can use to get proposals out the door faster and standardize client engagements.


We also launched ready-made accounting, bookkeeping and tax proposal templates in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, US and the UK to save you time. Created by Ignition’s regional heads of accounting, our proposal templates do all the hard work for you, with pre-populated services, pricing, and billing schedules. The templates are designed to give you a head start so all you need to do is customize the proposal.

Reimagining the workflow experience

For Xero Practice Manager (XPM) users, we released our new XPM integration for the New Proposal Editor to automate your jobs workflow. We used this as an opportunity to reimagine the workflow experience to make it more flexible, and give you greater control and visibility over your client jobs and tasks.

This new experience includes the ability to create more custom workflows, meaning you are no longer limited to creating jobs in XPM based on the services in your proposal. We also added the ability to set up the XPM job category and budget, and introduced the new ‘Workflow’ tab to allow you to view, create and edit XPM jobs at a client level.

Helping you get paid faster

To provide more ways for clients to pay you for engaged services at any time, we launched our new Review and Pay online payment experience. This is ideal if your client is not ready to provide payment details upfront at the start of the engagement, or you simply need more flexibility to price services upon completion. All your client needs to do is review your invoice and securely pay online. It also means you can now manage payments for all client engagements within Ignition in one place!
We also made it easier to add, change, or delete your client’s payment methods, with the new ‘Manage Client Payments’ button in the Client Billing Schedule. In just a few clicks, you can start or stop payment collection for all of your client’s future invoices, or switch your client's payment method with their new bank account or credit card details.

Taking your practice automation to the next level

To help make your work more productive, we released instant workflow templates through Zapier – a library of pre-made zap templates available via the Ignition ‘Apps’ page. We’ve created zaps for popular apps like Hubspot, Slack and more, so all you need to do is click on the zap template you’d like to use, link the program, and start benefiting instantly from more automation.

Making it easier for you to share product feedback

If you have a feature request or just want to share your product experience, you can now go to your account profile in Ignition and simply select ‘Give Feedback’ under ‘Resources’. While we won’t always be in a position to implement your suggestion, we’ll review every piece of feedback to help us prioritize ongoing improvements.

New to Ignition? Book a demo with our sales team to see our latest product enhancements in action.

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Published 21 Apr 2021 Last updated 19 Mar 2024