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We've reimagined the proposal creation experience from the ground up! Meet the New Proposal Editor.
PRODUCT 3 mins 16 Oct 2020 by Dane Thomas
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Build flexible proposals your clients will love

Hot on the heels of our Client Billing Schedule announcement, I am extremely excited to announce something that’s very close to my heart – our New Proposal Editor BETA. But, before we launch the confetti cannons 🎉, let me take a step back.

For the past seven years, our platform has enabled your practice to focus less on business operations and more on your clients. We’ve helped you create professional proposals, win work, get paid for it, cut down admin time and improve cash flow.

As we look towards what the next phase of Ignition will look like, we know there’s one key element that sets the best practices apart from the competition: they put their clients first.

To be truly client-centric, practices need a way to define and manage the context of their client relationships, understand how this impacts the services offered to each client, and how this changes over time.

In June, we shared that the future of our product relies on adding value at every stage of the lifecycle between your business and your clients – now we can share more of what that means for your proposal creation experience.

Introducing the New Proposal Editor (BETA)

We've reimagined the proposal creation experience from the ground up! The New Proposal Editor gives you the freedom to tailor proposals to suit every client. This new experience delivers on eagerly anticipated functionality and helps to shape the future of our platform.

What’s new

A new and improved proposal creation experience

  • Step through a more guided experience and fresh new interface for proposal creation
  • Have your work autosaved with every change
  • Have more control with clearer proposal date and length controls, that are separated from billing controls
  • Create ‘Projects’ within proposals to provide context for a grouping of services, for example, in phases or service areas (advisory, compliance, bookkeeping)
  • See your changes in a realtime preview of the client experience
  • Include multiple options in your proposals

Flexible billing to suit your business needs

  • Start billing from when your client accepts the proposal, or from a set period after acceptance e.g., 3 months free
  • Include any combination of recurring and non-recurring billing schedules in a single proposal e.g., quarterly, monthly and one time all in one
  • Bill variable prices including unit based (per head, per hour) on a recurring basis

More choice with Proposal Options

On top of this, you can now include multiple options in your proposals as part of our New Proposal Editor BETA. This brand new feature is available for customers on the Professional or Scale plan.

Streamline your sales process by allowing your clients to choose from option A, B, or C, enter their payment information, and sign – in one place! You might like to present three packages, offer different payment terms, or experiment with a new pricing model by giving your clients the choice.

Get going by creating proposals with options in BETA today, or learn more about the many ways to use this feature here.

Choosing when BETA is right for you

You can receive early access to the New Proposal Editor through our BETA program while we make sure it’s ready for everyone. We can’t support every use case during the BETA period, so you can continue to use the Classic Proposal Editor for now if you’d prefer.

At the moment, we’re not able to support all our current integrations in the BETA experience – like Xero Practice Manager. We also haven’t released support for some elements in classic proposals – like deposits. Over the coming months, we’ll be making further enhancements. So, while the New Proposal Editor may not support everything you need today, stay tuned for further announcements so you know when the time is right for you.

For more information on the differences between the Classic Proposal Editor and the New Proposal Editor please see our support article.

How to access the BETA

Please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss if the New Proposal Editor is right for you.

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Dane Thomas

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer  Ignition

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Published 16 Oct 2020 Last updated 21 Jul 2023