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Our customers are loving proposal options because it helps them win new deals, upsell services to...

REVENUE GROWTH 2 mins 02 Nov 2020 by Dane Thomas
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In case you missed it, earlier this month we announced our New Proposal Editor BETA. It allows you to include multiple options in your proposals if you’re on the Professional or Scale plan.

As our most highly requested feature, proposal options can help streamline your sales process by allowing clients to choose from up to three pricing options directly within your proposals. Clients can simply choose the proposal option that best suits their needs, enter their payment details and sign - all in the one place.

Building a proposal with various pricing options is super quick - just give your proposal option a name and description, duplicate it and customise your pricing and services. Since options are part of our new proposal editor, you can also easily create proposal options using our new flexible billing rules.

So far our customers are loving proposal options because it helps them win new deals, upsell services to existing clients or save even more time on proposals. Here’s what one customer had to say.

At the heart of proposal options is giving your clients greater choice, but it also allows you to experiment with various pricing and service options to better understand your market value and influence the acceptance of your proposals.

Here are some practical use cases that you can apply to your proposals today:

Pricing options

Presenting different pricing options (A, B or C) is a fantastic way to upsell services to existing clients, or alternatively win new clients if you’re still negotiating the deal (and then look to upsell in the future).

A great way of structuring your pricing options is to build standardised “packages” that contain different service types and levels, and then promote a “recommended” package. This can help subtly push clients to make a choice. Some common examples include Basic, Plus, Deluxe packages or Small, Medium, Large packages.

Payment options

Providing different payment options to your client is also a great way to influence a purchase decision.

Your clients’ payment preferences and cashflow situations will vary, so it may make sense to provide options like weekly, monthly or annual payments. You can also incentivise your clients to pay a certain way by offering your services at a reduced fee. For example, your client benefits from signing up to your services at a reduced price if they pay annually while you benefit from collecting the payment upfront to improve cashflow.

Pricing models

If you’re not charging fixed fees or are moving away from an hourly based billing model, you can also use proposal options to experiment with different pricing models while providing greater transparency to your clients.

For example, this can be an opportunity to encourage your clients to move to a fixed fee engagement, which can be incredibly beneficial to your business by removing pricing uncertainty and protecting both you and the client from scope creep.

Interested in using proposal options?

If you’re an existing customer, reach out to your Account Manager to enable the New Proposal Editor BETA first and see if it’s right for you. You can also check out our help and support article. If you're new to Ignition, book a demo with our sales team.
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Published 02 Nov 2020 Last updated 19 Mar 2024