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This 2-part series will allow you to unlock the value of Ignition.

Webinars in the series

Cashflow and KPI Monitoring

In our first of this two-part webinar series, you will learn how to: 

  • Create, monitor and update cash flow forecasts: Use Ignition to create and keep forecasts accurate, addressing potential revenue and expenditure changes.
  • Forecast expenses accurately: Distinguish between fixed and variable costs and determine how these shape the financial outlook.
  • Optimize employee recoverability: Harness Ignition to monitor revenue per employee, ensuring labor costs are covered effectively.
  • Set and track growth targets: Use Ignition to set aggressive or modest growth aspirations, and monitor progress dynamically.

Profitability and Pricing Strategies

In our second webinar you will learn how to: 

  • Optimise client pricing: Dive deep into your financials with Ignition, ensuring your pricing does just cover costs, but also hit profit targets. 
  • Master the pricing matrix: Streamline pricing strategies for your firm, making the guesswork a thing of the past.
  • Find revenue opportunities: Spot the 'low-hanging fruit' in existing services where there are opportunities for you to provide clients additional services, helping to maximize revenue and elevate your profitability.