Business intelligence dashboard

Forecast your success and make better business decisions with the BI dashboard.

BI dashboard

Your business at a glance

No need to run reports. Get oversight of the key metrics for your business with a single click. Understand where your business was in the past, where it stands now and where it's headed.

Forecast your growth

Practice Ignition allows you to forecast your revenue for the year ahead. Improve your business and be proactive.

Your clients sign your contracts, and your dashboard is updated immediately. No more spreadsheets, just decisions based on accurate numbers.

Understand your sales pipeline

Measure the performance of your sales team with the pipeline overview. Track how many new proposals have been sent, how many have been accepted and how much new revenue was added.

Stay on top of unbilled clients

See unbilled project revenue with a glance. Monitor, review and follow up clients that should be invoiced and owe you money

Revenue by service

Gain business insights through your service revenue breakdown. Focus on the most profitable or target your chosen niche and watch your business grow.

Accessible from anywhere

Moving to the cloud with Practice Ignition means that your business information is available from anywhere, for everybody on your team.

It's simply the best way to manage your client-focused business.

With the new dashboard I get an overview of my business for the year ahead, including projected revenue, projected payment, clients engaged and a breakdown of which of my services is making me the most money. Love it!
Sally Brindle
Sally Brindle
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