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As a collective, we call on accounting & tax professionals to reclaim the profitability they deserve

INCREASE EFFICIENCY 4 mins 23 Aug 2023 by Ignition Team
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Here’s the hard truth. We’re letting our clients walk all over us.

We give away work for free.
We fear clients will leave us if we raise prices.
We’re afraid to ask for payment upfront.
We avoid awkward conversations and miss out on collections.
We say yes to clients when we don’t have the time.

It’s a vicious cycle. The more we put up with it, the more we encourage the behavior we dread.

So, we quietly bleed cash, sacrifice revenue, eat into profits – and work longer hours amidst a staff shortage, with less time to build a better firm.

Our clients aren’t at fault. It’s our fear of taking action that holds us back. We worry clients won’t accept our pricing and payment terms, and are afraid to bring this up because we don't want to lose them.

The costs of clinging to the past

Each year, we lose $76,636 on average in revenue due to unrecovered out-of-scope work*.

A staggering 94% of us put up with chasing clients for late payments.

43% absorb the time and cost when the scope of client work increases.

When 89% of firms say they’ve delayed or avoided awkward conversations with clients, you know it’s time for action.

This issue goes far beyond the bottom line. It directly compromises our client experience – the very basis we rely on for growth.

Legacy billing methods, manual ways of working, poor scope management, late payments – it’s time we got rid of the deadweights dragging us and our client relationships down. The last thing clients want is the hassle of manual payments, or guessing how much we’ll charge.

We all deserve more

The future we’re talking about is one where we can….

Run a zero accounts receivable firm where we’re guaranteed to get paid – without the heavy lift.

Charge for all of our work, with pricing that reflects our true value.

Work smarter and use technology to boost efficiency, and improve client relationships.

It’s all of us, enjoying the rewards of growth: healthy cash flow, increased revenue, and more time to invest in the future of our firms.

We can be free of fearing our clients.

This is not just a fantasy. And we have the data to prove it, with 91% of payments collected automatically in Ignition.

Change starts today — join us

Our movement begins here and now.

There are actionable ways you can run a more scalable and profitable firm starting today.

Learn from powerhouses like Gary Vaynerchuk, along with accounting change-makers, in an upcoming webinar: Stop Underselling: Learn from "GaryVee" and Experts on How to Grow Your Firm With Technology.

We’re committed to driving our businesses forward and we need you on board. Why?

Because resisting change jeopardizes the future of our profession. 

Signed by:

Anne Napolitano
Founder of Anne Napolitano Consulting
Kelly Gonsalves
Founder of Totally Booked
Ben Stein
Co-Founder and CEO at Keeper
Laurie O'Neil
Owner of Innovative Financial Services
Candy Bellau
MBA, CFE, Owner of Kramerica Business Solutions
Logan Graf
CPA, Chief Tax Officer at The Graf Tax Co.
Carla Caldwell
Founder of Caldwell Consulting & Training
Lorilyn Wilson
CPA, Owner of Lake Oswego Tax
Carla Demers
MSAT, Demers Accounting Services
Marcus Dillon
CPA, President of Dillon Business Advisors
Chris Williams
CEO of System Six
Marie Greene
CPA, Founder & CEO of Connected Accounting
Clayton Achen
CPA, CA, TEP, Partner at Achen Henderson Chartered Public Accountants
Mariette Martinez
EA, Founder of Master Your Books
Dan Gertrudes
CEO & Founder of GrowthLab Financial Services
Michelle Long
CPA, Owner of Long for Success
Dawn Brolin
CPA, CFE, CEO of Powerful Accounting
Michelle Vilms
Founder of Vilms Consulting
Enae Jackson-Atkins
Founder of Esquire Accounting
Michelle Weinstein
Founder of The Abundant Accountant
Eric Green Esq
Founder Tax Rep Network
Patrick Cameron
Accounting Technology Expert
Erin Reece
CEO of Bear Financial Solutions
Ryan Lazanis
CPA, Founder of Future Firm
Gaynor Meike
Chief Opportunity Officer of Charisma Ink
Samantha Hallburn
Founder of PBS Accounting and Tax Solutions
Guy Pearson
CA, CEO & Co-Founder of Ignition
Sandy Johns
CPA, Founder of Revolution Financial
Jennie Moore
Founder of Moore Details Inc.
Sarah Prevost
Founder of Mintage Labs™, Co-founder of Create Collaborate (CoLab), The Proper Trust, Accountants Law Lab
Jeremy Wells
EA, CPA, Founder of JWellsCFO
Sean Duncan
CPA, President & Founder of SMD Consulting & Accounting
Jose Zavala
Founder of ZTX Advisors
Tiffany Davis
P.A., MSM, President of Washington Accounting Services
Josh Lance
CPA, Founder of Lance CPA Group
Tim Miron
CPA, CA, Founder of Pursuit CPA
Kathy Grosskurth
Founder of Bookkeeping Plain and Simple
Veronica Wasek
Founder of VM Wasek
Yoseph West
Mike Miller
Miller & Associates CPAs
Liz Shearer
Ruth & Shearer CPAs, LLC
Regina Nock
Capocore Professional Advisors
Lassina Konate
Lasko Accounting
Andrea MacDonald
Steadfast Bookkeeping Co
Dean Vance
Vance & Associates
Rex Biggs
Rektio Accounting
Vimal Bava
Sharky Zayid
Tax Shark CPAs PLLC
Darryl Wong
Daisy Accountants
Chloe Loving
Golden Phoenix Financial
Jennifer Lorenzen
LT CPAs & Company, Inc
Rashesh Joshi
Alexander Rosse
Jennifer Drout
Aloha Accounting & Tax
Martin Lepper
Lepper & Company,
Jackie Compton
Balanced Equation
Amy Holdsworth
Clarity Street
Nick Moustacas
Strategic Wealth Management
Marika Lynch
Valorium Advisors
Denise Hanlon
Hanlon CPA
Orumé Hays
Hays CPA
Nicole Ossenfort
CPA, Bookkeepers Ignite
Sabrina Cook
Sabrina P. Cook, CPA PLLC
Michael Jackson
A Little Faith Accounting & Tax Services
Priyanka Dhall
PEL Chartered Professional Accountants
Chris Vanover
Melanie Power
The Evolutionary Firm
Enver Kannur
Iqbal Mian
Nexis CPA
Raffi Yousefian
The Fork CPAs
Jane Becker
Jane Becker, CPA, LLC
Gina Tallman
Stranger, Tallman & Lautz Accounting
Lynda Artesani
Lynda Artesani
Willie Dover
W.E.D. Tax & Accounting Services, Inc.
Shantell Wilkins "TheTaxQueen"
RBA Tax & Financial Services
Jerry Baffour
Badu Tax Services
Chris Peristeridis
United Tax & Accounting
Joe Montgomery 3
Cohesion Advisors
Arun Mehra
Samera Business Advisors
Andy Smith
Tyler Codd
Sturgill & Associates
Geoffrey Stewart
Mary Barud
Karen L. Vidt CPA
Kim Boydoh
Capstone Financial Consultants
Michelle Mcvetty
Cohos Advisors
Peter Cullen
Keith Gormezano
Dr. Quick Books, Inc.
Craig Hausz
CMH Advisors
Lori Hauck
Run Your Wealth
Kyana Martin
Billings & Martin, LLP
Kevin Bray
Dental Accounting Pros
Mara Alexander
Alexander Accounting and Registration, Inc
Kathy Hayden
Hayden's Tax Service
Michael Jeffriess
Naked Accounting
Munir Nakhleh
Susan Bryant
Unboxed Advisors
Sharon Perry
Sharon Perry, CPA, CA
Ben Walker
Inspire CA
Eddie Garcia
Kyle Dover
2260 West
Lina Douglas
LEA Douglas Consulting Ltd

*Source: Ignition State of Client Engagement Report

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Published 23 Aug 2023 Last updated 19 Mar 2024