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Join our special webinar series where accounting & tax pros engage in spirited debates, sharing their career challenges and diverse viewpoints so you discover fresh opportunities for change in your firm!

Discover our topics:

Oct 4, 2pm ET  | Rethinking tax season: Tax-only vs. full-service accounting – is overcharging for a simple tax return the new norm? 

Oct 25, 2pm ET   |  Unpacking the pricing dilemma: Surcharging merchant fees – love or hate?

Nov 8, 2pm ET  | Exploring different sales techniques: Are your clients seeing through your 3-tiered influences? 

Nov 29, 2pm ET   |  Renewing clients, or time to let go?  Where to draw the line and how to protect yourself with better engagement letters

Webinars in the series

Rethinking tax season

According to Intuit’s Taxpayer Insights and Intelligence Brief 2022, 16% of client revenue is now from advisory. The accounting landscape is evolving and client expectations are shifting. The debate between tax-focused and full-service accounting practices has gained prominence, reshaping the way accountants approach tax seasons. 

Experts Sean Duncan (SMD Consulting & Accounting), Dan Gertrudes – GrowthLab Financial Services), and Carla Caldwell (Candella Accounting & Advisory Services) discuss the benefits and challenges of not doing tax season, plus:

  • If a subscription (or not) is right for tax services.
  • If charging $1,000 for a simple tax return is too much.
  • Getting paid upfront or on completion.

Unpacking the pricing dilemma

This is the ultimate battle of the dollars! In this session expert panelists Jeremy Wells (JWellsCFO), Anne Napolitano (Anne Napolitano Consulting and Accounting Services), Michelle Vilms (Vilms Consulting), and Clayton Achen (Achen Henderson CPAs) dive into the pros and cons of each method to help inform your decision-making, plus:

  • Passing on merchant fees (surcharges) vs. including in the price.
  • The right way to increase prices and overcome client resistance.
  • Hourly vs. fixed fees vs. value-based: Unveiling the trade-offs of each approach.

Exploring different sales techniques

Many accounting and tax professionals struggle to communicate their value when they’re selling their services.

Hear from leading accounting and tax experts Kristen Keats (Sherwood Tax and Accounting), Andy Smith (Numberwise)Anne Napolitano (Anne Napolitano Consulting and Accounting Services), and Luke Templin (a2 advisers) about their different selling techniques, plus:

  • Balancing revenue diversity and niche focuses.
  • Adapting to industry trends without spreading yourself thin.
  • The ethical considerations of 3-tiered packages.

Renewing clients vs. firing clients

Year-end is the perfect time to reevaluate your renewal process for a successful and profitable tax season. Uncover the most effective strategies to streamline the renewal process.

Join our leading accounting and tax experts Clint Bowers (Smart Business Concepts), Kristen Keats (Sherwood Accounting & Tax), Chris Williams (System Six), and Logan Graf (Graf Tax Co.) to learn where to draw the line with clients, plus:

  • Setting proper expectations with engagement letters. 
  • Re-evaluating clients without straining resources.
  • How to manage scope creep.