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The latest Ignition updates helping you future-proof your practice and scale faster.

INCREASE EFFICIENCY 3 mins 13 Oct 2022 by Dane Thomas
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As you look ahead to 2023, and with some of you entering your busiest season, now’s the time to set your business up for success and future-proof your practice in order to scale effectively next year and beyond.

We’ve been hard at work building features and improvements in Ignition that will help you do just that.

Read on for the latest updates from our product team.

Grow and diversify your practice with Ignition Smart Billing for Gusto

Initially launched in beta last year with Gusto as the first integration partner, we’re excited to officially launch Ignition Smart Billing in the US to help you unlock new advisory services and revenue streams in your business.

Ignition Smart Billing automates payroll billing for any service you bill per employee, by syncing with Gusto in real-time to calculate headcount. It means you’ll never have to worry about employee headcount changes and managing variable costs manually.

Smart Billing also takes the hassle out of bundling Gusto subscriptions by automatically calculating the monthly cost of your client’s Gusto subscription, so you get paid the right amount, every time.

As well as taking advantage of Smart Billing, when you connect your Gusto account to Ignition, you’ll get access to three-tiered pricing People Advisory proposal templates to easily engage your clients.

Ready to make payroll billing a breeze?

Fast-track your digital transformation with the new Ignition Certification Program

Become an Ignition expert with our free, on-demand certification course that’s designed to give you the skills and confidence to realize the full potential of Ignition within your firm.

The new Ignition Certification Program provides you with the tools you need to streamline client engagement, automate payments and grow your business.

Plus, earn up to four hours of verifiable CPD points!

Take it from Kim Clemmer at Kregel & Company CPA who said, “The certification program was easy to follow and I appreciated the ability to pause it and jump back into it when I had the chance. It gave a really good overview of the things Ignition can do!”

Quickly create impressive proposals using one of our 80+ templates

Give your proposals the professional edge by using one of our proposal or engagement letter templates, created by leading industry experts and global partner industry organizations.

Our new proposal template gallery is now live on our website (as well as the Ignition app) where you can browse our collection of more than 80 templates ranging from monthly accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services to tax and people advisory services – often presented in three option packages and including recommended pricing, services and billing schedules.

Easily access the ready-made accounting and bookkeeping proposal templates in Ignition when creating your proposal, allowing you to quickly create impressive proposals to win over clients and get paid effortlessly.

Gain more clarity and control with the new centralized Pipeline view

In case you missed it, the new Pipeline view is here!

Give your team the tools they need to close more deals with greater visibility of your proposals across all clients with our new centralized Pipeline view.

Easily view and take action on your proposals thanks to quick filters and custom filtered views.

And with more control of your sales pipeline, you can refine and prioritize the information that’s most important to you, to ensure you never miss a deal.

Take it from Amy Holdsworth, Director of Clarity Street who said, “LOVING the new Pipeline!! Having a holistic view of all my proposals in one place, seeing the most recent activity, who I need to chase or follow up, and having a clear pipeline of what projected sales we have, gives us peace of mind for the success of our business."

What’s coming next?

As we near the end of 2022, the Ignition team sure isn’t slowing down. Instead, we’re getting ready to launch some great new features that will make it easier for you to manage scope creep in your business by editing services that have already been accepted by your client.

We’re also making the proposal editor even more intuitive and easy to use when it comes to configuring services and billing rules – so you can build your proposals more efficiently and get them out the door faster.

Stay tuned for more details on these updates and more over the coming weeks.

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Published 13 Oct 2022 Last updated 19 Mar 2024