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We've made the New Proposal Editor experience even better, improving support for XPM and Zapier!

INCREASE EFFICIENCY 2 mins 19 Jul 2021 by Dane Thomas
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Back in April, our New Proposal Editor went global, becoming the default experience for new customers, and the preferred editor for existing customers. Our customers are already loving the extra flexibility and functionality the new editor offers, with The Vault Bookkeeping increasing revenue by 70% in just six months since using features like Proposal Options. Last quarter, we doubled down on making the new editor experience even better with updates including the ability to add and edit services when creating proposals, and improving workflow automation with Xero Practice Manager (XPM), as well as Zapier.

Making it easy to create and edit new services on the fly

To save you time, you can now create new services as you build your proposal – without leaving the New Proposal Editor. We automatically save the new service back to your service library, so it’s readily available the next time you create a proposal.

If you’re an admin user, you can also save any edits you’ve made to an existing service when creating a proposal back to the service library. This means no more back and forth between the proposal editor and library when you need to add new services or make services changes.

Automating your XPM jobs workflow

Our new XPM workflow experience in the New Proposal Editor gives you more flexibility, control and visibility over your client jobs and tasks. You can create more custom workflows, set up the job category and budget and even view, create and edit future XPM jobs in the Client view. We also introduced group billing job support (WIP management) at the client or proposal level. To have the option to group client billings by proposal, admin users need to simply enable Client Billing Groupings in Settings > Labs.

Streamlining the way you work with expanded Zapier support

We also improved our Zapier integration for the New Proposal Editor, with five additional Zapier triggers to automate your workflow. For example, you can update your sales pipeline automatically when a proposal is sent or when a deal is lost, or send an internal email or notification when a proposal is sent out to a client. So if you've been using the "Proposal State Change" trigger to automate your workflow using the Classic Proposal Editor, you can now do the same using our New Proposal Editor.

Plus everything behind the scenes

On top of improving the proposal creation experience, we made a number of small improvements to make your life easier, like being able to see at a glance where every item of work originates from. You can now see the proposal name and project name (if specified) alongside each item in the client Billing Schedule and Invoices views. The client Services view also shows this information for each service that the client has agreed to.

So what’s next?

We’ve got some exciting updates planned for the second half of this year, including the ability to have multiple signatories sign your proposal. For customers that are still using our Classic Editor, we’ll also be making continual improvements to the New Proposal Editor to make sure it reflects all the functionality you’re used to – but make it even better. Stay tuned.

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Published 19 Jul 2021 Last updated 19 Mar 2024