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Take a look at our latest improvements to help you offer a seamless client engagement experience

INCREASE EFFICIENCY 3 mins 18 Oct 2021 by Dane Thomas
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We’re all about making life easier for you. That’s why our latest product updates have been designed to help you offer a seamless client engagement experience, providing greater transparency, improved functionality and better ways to manage payments. Take a look at some of the improvements we've made recently.

Gain peace of mind with multiple signatures on proposals

After many months in the making, we're excited to release multiple signatures in beta for our New Proposal Editor. With multiple signatures, more than one person can sign a single proposal outlining your engagement terms. This is ideal for engaging clients with multiple directors or owners within the same company, or for couples filing joint tax returns (where eligible).

If you’re offering proposal options or require payment details upfront, you can select a primary signatory - ensuring that your main client contact accepts the proposal before any other relevant parties can digitally sign. Best of all, you and your client will be kept in the loop every step of the way - with email notifications and status updates to every signatory, a digital audit trail for every signature, and a signed agreement sent to all signatories.

If you’re an existing Ignition customer, you have the opportunity to be one of the first to try out multiple signatures by joining our private beta program before we release this exciting new functionality more widely in the coming months.

Multiple Signatures is available on our Professional (up to two signatories) and Scale plan (up to ten signatories).

Keep track of your proposal status at a glance

If you’re using our New Proposal Editor, it’s easy to pull a report on all of your proposals at once using our new Export Proposals feature, located on the Clients page.

Come EOFY, your monthly sales meeting, or annual re-engagement with a loyal client - quickly check the status of all of your sent, accepted and lost proposals in the one CSV report. What’s more, setting a custom date range allows you to easily export relevant data, so you can identify which prospects to follow up with next, which existing clients are due for re-engagement, or which clients are generating the most revenue.

This is the first of many improvements we’re making to give you more reporting visibility with the New Proposal Editor and make it easier to filter information.

Enjoy more flexibility with new XPM workflows

Our new XPM workflow experience is now available for all Ignition customers using the New Proposal Editor! With the ability to create more custom workflows, set up the job category and budget and even view, create and edit future XPM jobs in the Client view - you’ll enjoy more flexibility, control and visibility over your client jobs and tasks. You’ll also love having some extra time on your hands now that you can manage your WIP more effectively in XPM by nominating one workflow per client or proposal as the ‘billing job’ - all from the 'Automation' tab.

Easy-to-understand payment disbursals

We know how important it is for you to have clarity and confidence when managing payments from clients. So we’ve made it easier to understand what’s happening with your disbursals, including detailed payment information for each transaction plus details regarding payment disputes or client refunds you’ve issued. It’s all in the new and improved Disbursals view.

With the extra detail provided you’ll have peace of mind that every client payment collected through Ignition has reached your linked bank account and is up-to-date and accurate. With our improved Disbursals data export, you’ll find reporting and reconciliation is now much quicker and easier, with the ability to export data for a selected date range and view all payment collections for that period in one file.

We’ll continue to make the payment collection process easier to understand and manage, so look out for ongoing improvements in the future.

Kick more revenue goals

Stay on track with your business goals and smash your targets by setting a revenue growth target via the Dashboard. At just a glance, see if you’re on track for the current financial year, rally your team behind your target, and easily adjust it if need be.

Help your clients navigate COVID-19 government grants (for Aussie customers)

It’s easy to help your clients access COVID-19 assistance packages for NSW, QLD and VIC with our new proposal templates in the New Proposal Editor. Created by Rebecca Mihalic, Ignition’s APAC Head of Accounting and director at businessDEPOT, the proposal templates include pre-populated services and pricing to give you a head start to help clients through tough times.

What’s coming next?

Keep an eye out for our full release of multiple signatures for customers using our New Proposal Editor in the coming months. We’re also working on a number of other exciting New Proposal Editor updates to allow you to accept upfront deposits plus charge milestone billing - all part of our promise to offer you even more billing flexibility.

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Published 18 Oct 2021 Last updated 19 Mar 2024