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Here's how Ignition helped you win new business, engage clients and get paid in 2021

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Here at Ignition, we exist to streamline how you win new business, engage your clients and get paid.

Throughout 2021, we forged ahead with this mission, making it easier for nearly 5,000 customers like you to run their businesses on auto-pilot using Ignition.

Let’s take a look back at the year that was…

You won and retained nearly half a million clients

In 2021 you engaged a whopping 409,000 clients who accepted around 535,000 proposals through Ignition. Now that’s something worth celebrating.

No wonder you were able to engage so many clients, seeing how quickly it took you to create and send proposals this year. The quickest time recorded? Just 1.6 seconds!

With all the extra time on your hands, we hope you were able to focus more on building your business, helping clients, and enjoying more quality time with family and friends.

Did you know that 86% of all proposals you sent this year were accepted? And more than 52% of proposals you sent were accepted within 24 hours. Well done to you!

Our hats go off to one customer who had their client accept a proposal in just 45 seconds - the fastest time recorded this year.
Throughout 2021, our customers certainly made the most of the video feature to create great first impressions and so they should, given that on average, proposals with video were accepted 30% faster than proposals without.

You also saw the benefits of using proposal templates for the New Proposal Editor - with it taking you half the time to create and send a proposal from a template compared to not using one.

So we introduced even more templates during the year to speed up your proposal creation process and get them accepted faster.

And when it comes to upselling your services, our customers loved taking advantage of the handy proposal options feature. Nearly a third of your clients chose the recommended option when accepting proposals with three options - often leading to an increase in revenue.

One of our most popular releases this year was multiple signatures which allows you to safeguard your business by having more than one signatory on your proposal within the New Proposal Editor. With up to ten signatures, it’s a game-changer for those of you engaging clients with multiple directors, or couples filing joint tax returns in countries like the US.

You ran your business on autopilot

In 2021 we made it even easier for you to connect all your business critical apps to Ignition and automate time-consuming tasks.
Abbeygate uses the Ignition/Karbon integration and Zapier to connect PI with Calendly, Trello, Microsoft SharePoint

Amongst many new product features and enhancements, some highlights were:

  • An improved XPM workflow experience for our New Proposal Editor that gave you more flexibility, control and visibility over your client jobs and tasks.

  • A new library of instant workflow templates through Zapier, taken from the most popular zaps among our customers and making them available via the Ignition ‘Apps’ page. Since we’ve already created the zaps, all you need to do is click on the zap template you’d like to use, link the appropriate programs, et voilà!

  • An integration with Gusto for our customers in the USA to allow you to easily scale your People Advisory practice and simplify billing for Gusto subscriptions.

All of this so that you could spend more time on what matters most - winning over and retaining clients.

Jeffrey Davidson & Associates uses the XPM integration with Ignition

You got paid faster without lifting a finger

One of your favourite Ignition features in 2021 was automated payment collection, allowing you to skip the awkward conversations and get paid on time.

You loved it so much in fact, that over 2.6 million payment transactions were processed through Ignition this year alone!

Take US-based customer Brooklyn FI as an example. Ignition helped transform their business model to achieve 100% YOY growth, tracking $2M in expected annual revenue and zero A/R tasks for subscription based services.
Or The Vault Bookkeeping, an Australia-based customer who used Ignition to live out their firm’s motto “get maximum effect from minimum effort”. So when owner Kate Williams started the business her top two priorities were to be virtual, and get paid on time every time.
Over the past year we also provided more ways for you to get paid with our new Review and Pay payment experience - giving your clients the flexibility to easily pay your invoice online if they weren’t ready to commit to automated payments.

You sparked lasting relationships

By making things effortless for you and your clients, we helped you build strong relationships that work.

And like you, we grew our amazing community throughout 2021 too. In 2021, nearly 600 new members joined our Facebook Community taking it to over 2,900 members! The group sparked infinite valuable conversations with more than 500 new posts and over 2,600 comments.

Our Facebook customer community is a place where accountants and bookkeepers come to share advice, learn tips and tricks from their peers, and give and receive much-needed support. If you’re not a member and would like to be part of the magic, you can join here!

As well as participating in conversations on social media, you loved getting involved in our webinars and virtual events. During the year we saw more than 11,600 attendees globally. We can’t wait to see you at more in-person events in 2022.
The Ignition family grew this year too, with 70 new team members from all around the world coming on board to make their mark and help us to help you achieve great things.

One of the highlights for the Ignition team this year was seeing 1,274 nominations globally for the 2020 Women in Accounting awards. That’s almost 500 more than last year!

Eight countries were represented in the nominations and it has been inspiring to see the impact that the work of so many innovative women in accounting is having around the world. Congratulations to the 50 superstars who made it on the Top 50 Women in Accounting this year.

And finally, the Ignition partnership community grew with 17 new partnerships formed in 2021, bringing the total to 65. We enjoyed working with our app partners, industry associations and franchise groups to create more opportunities for you to learn, connect and grow.

So, what’s in store for 2022?

Well, what can we say? 2022 is going to be BIG!

We’ll continue to focus on making the lives of our customers easier with product enhancements, as well as provide new and better ways to support you as you grow your business and service your clients.

We've also been working behind the scenes on a whole range of exciting plans to help you ignite your business even further in 2022. We can't wait to share them with you in the new year.

Until then, that’s a wrap on 2021! Enjoy the holiday season and we look forward to a bright year ahead.

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Published 08 Dec 2021 Last updated 19 Mar 2024