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53 mins 08 Dec 2023

Stop merely surviving tax season and start thriving! Take immediate action to turn it into an opportunity for growth and profitability. Join us in this hands-on webinar as we delve into how Ignition's groundbreaking integration with Intuit ProConnect can be a game-changer for your tax practice. Discover actionable strategies to engage clients rapidly, automate billing seamlessly, and elevate your firm's profitability.

About the session

In this must-attend webinar, you will be able to:

Unlock multiple revenue streams: Activate and utilize Ignition’s Tax Planning and Advisory proposal templates to diversify your offerings and scale your firm's revenue through tiered pricing.

Revolutionize client engagement and payment: Master the action steps for bulk client engagement and implement strategies for automated invoicing and immediate payment collection.

Engage tax clients seamlessly and make tax season a breeze: Familiarize yourself with the brand new Ignition + ProConnect integration. Learn how to easily import your ProConnect clients into Ignition, filter clients by return type and send tax proposals to multiple clients in minutes.