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Join our Key Account Management Team for an engaging series that explores our latest feature releases. Discover practical, hands-on use cases and workflows that can enhance your experience while gaining insights into how these new features can streamline your processes and improve efficiency.


Richard Chang

Key Account Manager  Ignition

Cindy Duong

Key Account Manager  Ignition

Evan Benson

Key Account Manager  Ignition


Jeff Bielman

Key Account Manager  Ignition

Leandra Polce

Key Account Manager  Ignition

Katarina Babic

Key Account Manager  Ignition

Webinars in the series

Maximize revenue & profits

Join Key Account Managers Richard Chang and Jeff Bielman for an insightful webinar on maximizing revenue and profits! 

Learn how to leverage automatic price increases to boost your bottom line, discover the power of instantly billing for out-of-scope work, and uncover strategies to improve conversion rates through targeted discounts. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your business growth and profitability!

Unlock efficiency

Join Key Account Managers Cindy Duong and Leandra Polce as they share practical tips and insights on how to unlock efficiency in your firm. Learn how to harness the power of AI to craft polished and professional service descriptions, effortlessly integrate ProConnect for enhanced efficiency and streamlined workflows, and discover how to leverage our bulk creation tools to create and send proposals in bulk efficiently.

Eliminate A/R

Join Evan Benson and Katarina Babic as they share practical tips and insights on leveraging Ignition to eliminate AR in your business by getting paid up front and using Ignition's Billing Hub.