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60 mins 18 Apr 2023

In this webinar, the speakers David, Jack, and Will, discuss the challenges that practices face when implementing a tech stack for workflow integration. They share their experiences and insights on the process of selecting and integrating various tools and platforms to streamline their workflow, and how they overcame the challenges they encountered along the way. The main topics covered in the webinar include the current tech stack, the process of implementation, change management, best practices, challenges faced during migration, workflow integration, and payment collection.

What you will learn in this session

  • Tech Stack and Workflow Integrations: In this point, we will cover the significance of comprehending workflows and incorporating them into the tech stack. We will highlight the importance of having a smooth and efficient process that saves time.
  • Client Journey: We will cover the importance of understanding client workflows and how integrating them with technology can create a more efficient process that saves time. The focus will be on establishing a streamlined approach to enhance productivity.
  • Change management: This point will cover the challenges involved in change management and the implementation of new systems. The discussion will focus on the significance of team involvement and ways to overcome pushback to achieve successful implementation.
  • Payment Collections: We will be covering the topic of payment collections. The focus will be on sharing experiences and insights about the process of collecting payments from clients, with an emphasis on the significance of upfront payment collection. Our discussion will include the challenges that may arise during this process, as well as strategies for overcoming them.