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PROPOSALS 1 mins 24 Mar 2023 by Nicole Baptiste
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Ryan Lazanis, Founder of Future Firm believes the secret to maximizing the prices you charge your clients is using 3-tiered pricing 🚀

Present your prospects and clients with three packaged service offerings and give them the power and flexibility to choose what package works best for them.

Three-tiered pricing is when instead of only presenting your client or prospect with one pricing for one service offering or solution you’re presenting them with three tiers of choices at three different price points in what is typically called a Gold, Silver and Bronze format.

Widen the bullseye

First, we’re trying to come up with the highest price possible that your prospect will pay for your services.

It’s impossible to know the maximum any given person is willing to pay. If you offer just one potion at one price, chances are you’ll have priced it too low and if you mistakenly priced it high that prospect will just go elsewhere. One price gives you a very narrow bullseye. Multiple options give you a range of prices.

Opportunity to increase prices

You have an opportunity to increase your prices when you engage in three-tiered pricing. Over and above being able to land clients at your premium-priced Gold plan, studies have shown that two-thirds of people select the middle Silver option when presented with three choices. If you price your Silver package higher than your current prices, you’ve unlocked a simple way to increase your prices right off the bat.

Discussion over ultimatum

Three options is not a take-it-or-leave-it approach. With one option, the client either says yes or no. With three options, it becomes a discussion about what solution they like best. It’s a gentler approach to sales.

Once you’ve come up with your three tiers, you can then get them easily into Ignition and present them to your client or prospect from them to choose which one they like best. If you are already an Ignition user, check out the three-tiered provided proposal templates to see exactly how you can easily model your own three options.

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