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PROPOSALS 2 mins 24 Mar 2023 by Nicole Baptiste
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Ryan Lazanis, Founder of Future Firm proven strategy for significantly increasing your prices and land clients at high-priced packages with ease 🚀

Significantly improve your conversion rate and your pricing with tiered package offerings and by using the Options feature to build your proposal in Ignition.

Presenting different pricing options to your client is a fantastic way to build immediate upsells, or alternatively - provide various options to first capture your client, build the relationship, and then look to upsell in the future.

A great way to structure your options is to build standardised “packages” that contain different levels of service. This helps tap into a client’s loss aversion tendencies and subtly push them to make a choice.

Ignition’s Proposal Options

The Proposal Options feature on Ignition allows you to present these service packages to your clients in 1 proposal. We recommend you build template proposals containing your various packages, so that you can duplicate the template and use it as a starting point when creating a new proposal with options. Then, you can customise it even further depending on the specific client’s needs.

Options Call

Take it a step further and incorporate an options call to your sales process with potential and current clients. This is part of Ryan Lazanis, Founder of Future Firm proven strategy for significantly increasing your prices and land clients at high-priced packages with ease.

Ryan recommends holding a separate call with your potential and current clients called the Options Call, where the primary objective is to outline the service packages, and their difference instead of simply emailing them out.

The reason why an options call is preferable to email is twofold.

  • First, is because you can demonstrate why your 1st and 2nd tiered service packages are of higher value. It’s hard for the client to understand this if they are just reading an email they receive rather than you explaining it.
  • And second is because you’re able to handle objections directly on the spot. When you email a proposal out the prospect ends up making their own decision and it’s very hard to reverse that decision once it’s been made.

When you have a call to review the options you can see what they like, what they don’t like and help guide them to the appropriate solution while discussing any objections that they might have along the way.

With the Options Call and Ignition, you can have your tiered service packages pre-loaded in Ignition and on the call with the client you would share your screen, run through the 3 options, email the Ignition proposal during the call and have your client pick the option they like and agree to the engagement right on the spot.

The next time you have a proposal that needs to be sent, consider presenting that proposal on a call before you send it to the client via email. You’ll see it will help you land clients at higher price packages much more easily.

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