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APPS AND AUTOMATIONS 5 mins 25 Mar 2023 by Tom Maxwell
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There are cases where a deal might fall through and you will need to mark your proposal as Lost in Ignition. We're going to look at a workflow example based on the Proposal State Changed trigger through Zapier to automate sending an email, updating your CRM and adding the lead to a nurture email audience based on a "Lost" proposal state change. The apps that we're going to use in our example include Gmail, Pipedrive, and MailChimp.

1. Ignition

When the lead or client informs you they are not moving forward with the proposal, you can then move the Awaiting Acceptance proposal to a Lost status in Ignition:

2. Gmail

It's best practice to follow up with an email thanking the client for their time and asking them for some feedback as to why they have decided not to move forward with the proposal. Through Gmail + Zapier, an email is automatically sent to the potential client requesting their feedback through a Typeform questionnaire.

3. Pipedrive

Then, we'll need to update the deal in our CRM to a "Lost" status. In this case we're using Pipedrive. Zapier will find the existing active deal and move it to a "Lost" status automatically:

4. MailChimp

Just because this lead declined one proposal doesn't mean that they won't need your services in the future. If you strategically follow up with them, then your business will be top of mind when they are looking for the services that you offer later down the road. The last step in our Zapier sequence is to add the lead to a nurture contact list in MailChimp:

Make this Zap⚡️

Step 1 - Ignition > Proposal State Changed

In Zapier, press the "Create a Zap" button and search for Ignition. You will then want to choose the "Proposal State Changed" trigger and connect your Ignition account.

Step 2 - Filter by Zapier

Next, search for the Filter By Zapier app. Choose the only option (Only Continue If...)
and add the following:

To CRITERIA: (Text) Exactly Matches TEXT: lost

This will ensure that we're only allowing this Zap to continue if the proposal status is marked as "Lost", as opposed to happening every time a proposal state changes.

Step 3 - Pipedrive > Find or Create Deal

To ensure that the deal is in Pipedrive, we'll need to use the "Find or Create Deal" action before we can update it to a lost state.

We can then tick the "Create Pipedrive Deal if it doesn't exist yet?" box.

Step 4 - Pipedrive > Update Deal

Now we'll need to search for Pipedrive and select the "Update Deal" trigger:

You can pull through the name of a deal that you currently have in your Pipedrive account in the "Deal" field, and set the Title to the "Client Name" from the Ignition dropdown. The status that you will want to select is the "Lost" status in your Pipedrive account.

We also recommend adding the client name in the "Organization" field and the proposal value from the Ignition dropdown in the "Value" field. I have also added in my local currency in the "Currency" field.

Step 5 - Formatter by Zapier

If you have ever used Ignition in Zapier before, you might have noticed that you can't split the contact name of your client into two separate fields. However, this is possible through Zapier's Formatter app:

Since we'll be splitting out a text field, we're going to select the "Text" option.
From here, we'll select the "Split Text" option in the "Transform" field and add the contact name of the client from the Ignition dropdown in the "Value" field. Since we want to return a segment of the text, we're going to set the "Segment Index" to "All (as Separate Fields)". This should return the split first and last name on the next page.

Step 6 - Gmail > Send Email

In this example, we're going to use Gmail as our email client to automatically send an email to our lead asking them for their feedback via a Typeform questionnaire. First, find the Gmail app and select the "Send Email" action:

You can connect to your Gmail account, and then work on the email template.

The first field we need to fill out will be the "To" field, where we will add the email address of the contact from the Ignition dropdown. You can also add your own email in the "Bcc" field if you would like to receive a copy of the email. I have also added in my email address and business name in the "From" and "From Name" fields, respectively.

We can now use the split text from the last step to address the contact by their first name only - to do this, add in the first name output from the Formatter by Zapier in place of where their name would be in the email body. In our email template, we have included a link to a Typeform questionnaire that will be used to collect feedback from the lead. Feel free to use this format for your own email template:

Hi {{ FIRST NAME }},

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to better understand your business needs. We would love to collect some feedback from you as to what we could have done better at the link below:


Thanks again for providing us with the opportunity to work with you and we hope to have the chance to connect in the future.

All the best,


Step 7 - Filter by Zapier

In theory, you wouldn't want to add a contact into a nurture email campaign when they are already an existing client, so this next step is important. We're going to use the Filter app to ensure that we're adding the contact into your MailChimp audience only when they haven't accepted a proposal from you yet in Ignition:

Choose the only option (Only Continue If...) and add the following:

Proposal Accepted By > Does not exist

Step 8 - MailChimp > Add/Update Subscriber

The final step will be to add the lead into your audience list in MailChimp. We've created an audience called "Leads - Proposal Not Accepted" that we'll be working with for this example. First, you'll need to connect your MailChimp account to Zapier and select the "Add/Update Subscriber" action:

We'll then add the contact to the "Leads - Proposal Not Accepted" audience and add their email in the Subscriber Email field:

Next, we're going to use that split text feature to enter in the contacts first and last name in the respective fields:

Turn on Your Zap ⚡️

Now that you're finished your Zap, you can turn it on and test it by creating a proposal in your Ignition account, sending it and marking it as lost. Happy Zapping! 🚀

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