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APPS AND AUTOMATIONS 1 mins 25 Mar 2023 by Pat Kuo
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Disclaimer: This works on the free version of Zapier but if you want to include multiple steps, you’ll need a paid Zapier subscription.

Capturing new leads is exciting, and being able to easily access key details about that lead should be effortless. Ignition can be used as a light CRM, helping you keep track of new leads and what deals were won vs. lost.

The first thing you’ll want to do is update your Calendly events to include additional questions in the meeting booking process. Here are a few ideas:

  • What industry do you work in?
  • What accounting platform are you currently using?
  • What services are you looking for?

You don’t want to ask too many questions, but you do want to ask a few key questions that will help you pre-qualify the lead and prepare for the discovery call.

Click on the image below to get started with our pre-made Zapier template!

When setting up the action in Zapier to create a lead in Ignition, navigate to the Notes section and use the placeholders from Step 1: Invitee Created to import the responses to the additional questions in the Calendly booking link.

To ensure that only new leads, and not existing clients, get added to Ignition, you will need to use a Filter in Zapier. Program Zapier to filter for a specific event type/name and only continue with the actions if the filter requirements are met. See example below:

The notes will be found in the Client file within Ignition - you can reference these notes when preparing their proposal in Ignition as well.