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When you have started to implement Ignition in your business, it's a good idea to create a habit of account maintenance and review.

For example, you want to ensure that any manual billing has been invoiced to maximize cashflow, perhaps every week. You also want to make sure that your proposals are in the correct status so you can identify those that are expiring or those which needs renewal, every month. You also should check and update your proposal templates at least once per year.

This article provides guidance on what you should check and how regularly you should review these certain aspects of your account like proposals, payments and your data.

Review monthly (or more frequently) 🔄

Review Proposals

Navigate to your Pipeline tab and filter for your Draft Proposals and/or Awaiting Acceptance Proposals to review and take these actions:

  • Send the proposal
  • Follow-up with client
  • Mark proposal as Lost

Review Manual Billing

Review your Overdue Manual Billing Items.

We suggest taking these actions:

  • Invoice them
  • Delete them
  • Reschedule them to a future date

Review Payments

There are a number of actions we strongly suggest you take:

Review Ignition Users

Check to see if any of your team members need to be added or removed.

Review quarterly (or less frequently) 📆

Review Templates

Check to see if there are any updates that are needed to your:

Review Notification Emails

Check if the right people being notified of accepted proposals as well as any payment issues.

Review Client List Export

Export your client list and check for:

  • Duplicate Clients - Are there any duplicates to be removed?
  • Client Tags - Are there any tags you need to add or remove?

Revenue Dashboard

If you are using your Ignition Dashboard, check to see if you have set and/or updated your goals and growth targets.

Review new Ignition Features

Stay up to date with our new features via our What's New page.