Transforming numbers into stories

Rebecca is the Founder, CEO, and “Big Head” of Officeheads. With a passion for making business owner's lives easier, Rebecca found herself taking a typically unenjoyable part of entrepreneurship (the numbers) and making them understandable and fun for her clients. Her background in strategy and her focus on relationships has enabled her to scale Officeheads into a cloud accounting and bookkeeping firm of 7, that advises over 35 remote businesses. It is also important to mention that when Rebecca isn’t leading her team and taking Officeheads' client’s numbers to the next level, she is racing motorcycles (yes, seriously).

Rebecca Berneck, Founder & CEO

About Officeheads

Officeheads is a direct extension of Rebecca, from the open office space (with a vintage motorcycle in the middle) to the close relationships her team cultivates with their clients to the measurable and impactful results those clients receive. Niching in the creative and service-based businesses, Officeheads is able to take their client’s numbers and turns them into understandable stories. This advisory method of taking difficult concepts and making them easy to understand truly resonates with those who aren’t passionate about bookkeeping and finances.

The Problem

Before implementing Ignition for Officeheads, the entire client onboarding process was extremely manual. Officeheads’ engagement letters were created and signed manually, sales were conducted in Excel, employee time was tracked in Harvest, invoices were generated in Harvest, and collections were done through Chase bank. The process was disconnected, timely, and manual.

Every first of the month (including New Year's Day), Rebecca would spend her day invoicing clients. At the time, Officeheads’ clients were on hourly-billing, meaning the invoicing process was taking Rebecca, on average, 6-8 hours to complete - time she could not get back. The time-consuming and disconnected onboarding and invoicing processes were a major pain for Officeheads.

The Fix

Implementing Ignition has automated the entire onboarding process for Officeheads. Rebecca and her team are now able to quickly and effortlessly engage clients. After speaking with a prospect, the Officeheads team can whip up a smart proposal within minutes of the initial meeting (always including a personal message, recapping the discussion and the suggested advisory services) and get it signed within 24 hours of being sent. In fact, Officeheads has achieved a 100% acceptance rate of their proposals due to their engagement process being so strategically thought out.

The integration with QuickBooks online has transformed Officeheads' financial reporting into a seamless process, eliminating tedious manual data entry. Utilizing Ignition payments has greatly improved their cash flow, as money is automatically collected from clients every month, and best of all, Rebecca now saves 6 to 7 hours of valuable time every month with automatic invoicing through PI.

The dashboard has become part of Rebecca’s daily routine. Every morning she checks on the status of Officeheads’ engagements and financial metrics to ensure the company is right on track. This strategic mentality has resulted in a team that consistently exceeds goals and a business that is constantly growing.

Rebecca's Pro Tip

Be very strategic and personal about how you create new proposals. Every single time, use the personalized message field to make the contract unique and meaningful - client relationships are key to success, and it all starts with the engagement.

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