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Ignition's new Service Revenue Export can help with your business planning and strategy.

REVENUE GROWTH 3 mins 31 Jan 2019 by Angela Gosnell
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One of the clearest advantages of engaging every client through Ignition is the consistency you have moving from sales to service delivery - you know what was agreed to, what service your team will be providing and for what price. This is essential to providing the best customer experience for your clients!

While we frequently focus on the benefits to your client experience of having automated, electronic proposals signed by all your clients, what we speak about less is the benefits to your business planning and strategy.

Having your revenue and service data captured for all clients in one place allows you to set targets, see how you are going and plan (or even re-think!) your offering.

Take this quote from one of our practices:

There is nothing better than setting a target ... I'm driven by targets and having everything I need at my fingertips in PI is really helpful…. It's also really helpful in planning capacity for the year, in planning cashflow and looking at the services your clients are taking up.

- Steph Hinds, Growthwise
See how you are going against your targets

Ever since introducing the Ignition dashboard, it has become a major component of strategy and target setting for many of our practices - and we want to expand on how you can use the data captured here by Ignition even further!

One of the most requested pieces of reporting we have captured is around how your services are being taken up by your clients - questions like:

  • How many clients are using a particular service?
  • How much am I charging for a particular service?
  • What is the most frequent way I am charging for a service?

We have listened to your feedback and are excited to announce a new release which gives you access to your service revenue info via a new export function straight from your dashboard!

How do I access this new Service Revenue Report Export?

Have a look at this video to show you how to access this new export:

There are two new report exports to choose from:

  • Total Revenue by Service - this gives you information about your services amalgamated across all your clients. This is most useful for answering questions like: How many clients are using a service? How much revenue am I receiving for a particular service?
  • Service Revenue by Client - this gives you all the details on a client by client basis of what you are charging and how. This is most useful for answering questions like: What is a particular client paying for a service in comparison to others? How much revenue am I receiving from a particular client?

Both exports will both show you service revenue information for proposals that are/were active within the period you selected - whether as a total for that service or client by client.

For more detail on what is (and is not) contained in each of the reports, we recommend you read our support article here.

What are the top 10 FAQs you can answer with these reports?

In the below videos where we walk through the top 10 queries we hear from practices on their service revenue and how to answer them with this new report:

Part 1: FAQs answered with the Total Service Revenue report

  • How many clients are using a service?
  • How much am I charging for a service?
  • What service makes the most and least?
  • How much do I have contracted for the next year?

Part 2 - FAQs answered with either report

  • What is the most frequent way I am billing for a service?
  • How much did I invoice last month?

Part 3 - FAQs answered with the Service Revenue by Client report

  • What services does a client have?
  • How much is client x paying in comparison to other clients?
  • What remains unbilled for a client?
  • How much am I earning from a subset of clients?

As always, we welcome your feedback, so let us know how you will be using this type of report and if there is something more you would like to see!

In the future, we plan to make this information viewable in app, but this export will help us understand what questions we should be answering, not to mention it gets the data into your hands faster so you can start making decisions now!

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Published 31 Jan 2019 Last updated 19 Mar 2024