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Register to hear from our panel of subject matter experts practical tips, strategies and best practice guidance to make the most of Ignition’s powerful tools this EoFY. 

If you register for a session and can’t attend, be assured that we will still send you the recordings and resources.

Webinars in the series

Bootcamp 1: Preparing your Ignition account for EOFY efficiency

EOFY might still be 3 months away, but there’s a few small steps you can take now that will save you valuable time when you need it most. 

In this webinar, we’ll help you prepare confidently for EOFY, showing you how to: 

  • Get templates ready for engaging your clients effectively
  • Tag clients for quick filtering and bulk proposal creation
  • Prepare your account for effortless proposal renewal for the new year

Don’t miss this session to set yourself up for your most efficient EOFY ever.

Bootcamp 2: Easily renew your proposals and secure your revenue for 2024

Join Khang and Frank — Key Account Managers at Ignition—as they share practical tips and insights on re-engaging your clients for the new Financial Year. 

In this session, we’ll be exploring:

  •  How to identify clients for renewal/re-engagement
  • The best way to re-engage your clients: renewal vs bulk proposals
  • Refining your custom proposal templates
  • Creating and sending your renewals/proposals in bulk, in-app

Bootcamp 3: Manage scope creep and increase revenue in 2024

Practical tips and strategies that you can apply to capture revenue from out-of-scope work as you go into a new financial year. 

In this session, we’ll be exploring: 

  • Manage clients & complete work on your terms for your most susceptible services.
  • Put clauses in your general terms to allow you to easily bill for out of scope work.
  • Decide whether you need a new proposal or an out of scope bill.
  • Use our new features 'Instant Bill' and 'Service Edits' to capture revenue often left unbilled. 
  • Use 'Review and Pay' to mitigate the impact of larger 'shock' out of scope billing.

Whether you are new to Ignition or a seasoned user, there will be something in this session for you.

Bootcamp 4: Best practice for onboarding new customers using Ignition

In this 30 minute webinar your hosts will take you through the best way to onboard new clients using Ignition to automate everything your billing and payments all the way through to additional client data collection + more. 

Discover how to master the following in this EOFY bootcamp webinar: 

  • Identifying clients that are not currently engaged by Ignition (hint: You're likely losing revenue from these clients!)
  • Setting up proposal templates to onboard new clients in minutes (or even seconds!)
  • Utilising Ignition's powerful billing engine to choose the best fee structure for your client's needs
  • Using Proposal Options to increase revenue through the power of choice
  • Connecting to other apps to collect additional client info 

This webinar will also be great for longer standing Ignition users who might want to rebuild their engagement process from scratch to incorporate the latest Ignition features.

Bootcamp 5: Engage, Automate and Get Paid - The latest Ignition features to supercharge your EOFY

Join Ashlee Baron — Key Account Manager at Ignition —and Brendan Allen —Senior Manager at Ignition—as they share some of the latest and greatest features that Ignition has introduced over the last 12 months. 

We’ll be highlighting features that we think you’ll love to make use of during EOFY to help you get paid faster, be more profitable and operate more efficiently, including:

  • Automatically Raising your prices
  • Instant Bill: Create an instant invoice and payment collection for one-off services
  • Service Edits - Great for small changes on perpetual agreements 
  • Sending OR Renewing Proposals in Bulk
  • Collecting Client Payment Details in Bulk + more!

We will connect each of these features to a real-life scenario that you will likely come across during EOFY. Whether you are new to Ignition or a seasoned user, there will be something in this session for you.