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56 mins 08 Mar 2024


With Eric Green—Tax Attorney

Join Eric Green, Esq. as he dives deep into the critical world of engagement letters. Discover firsthand the dire consequences of mishandling or neglecting these essential documents through real-life horror stories. 

This session is not only a journey through cautionary tales but also a roadmap to mastering the art of crafting foolproof engagement letters and how to leverage technology to make it a breeze. 

Whether you're a seasoned tax practitioner or just starting, this CPE/CE-eligible webinar is your key to turning potential pitfalls into powerful protections for your practice and your clients.

Why attend?

This webinar is a must for tax professionals seeking to enhance their legal knowledge, protect their practice, and earn CPE/CE credits. You'll leave with actionable strategies to prevent your own engagement letter horror story and ensure your engagements are bulletproof, including:

  • How to Identify and Avoid Risks: Learn to spot and sidestep the common errors that can lead to legal issues, ensuring your practice's safety.
  • Strategic Protection Methods: Gain insights into creating a solid defense for your practice and clients through effective engagement letters.
  • Crucial Elements of Engagement Letters: Uncover the must-include clauses that form the backbone of a strong legal document.
  • Tech Solutions for Compliance: Discover how leveraging technology like Ignition can streamline and secure your client engagement process, making compliance a breeze.