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We provide the complete package of bookkeeping services:

"Forrest Bookkeeping has changed our business immensely. Before our books were a mess! We weren't even on the cloud. Now we're organized and not scared when tax time comes around"

"I'm not sure where our business would be without Forrest! They help us stay on top of our books. They're the perfect partner for your business."

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Bookkeeping Proposal Template

Tom Maxwell

Hey Sarah,

Thank you for taking the time to chat today. It was great learning about your business.

As promised, I've prepared a proposal for my services.

Be sure to take a look at the brochure on your left. Also revise the engagement letter that's included in the last tab of this document.

If you're ready to go ahead and sign up, please enter your payment details and sign.

We'll get your books sorted in no time.



Your Summary
Ledger Conversion Setup and Training

We will setup a brand new Quickbooks Online account for the entity named above.

In this setup service:

  • We will create and configure your chart of accounts
  • We will convert your data from your existing accounting system to bring in your historical balances, contacts, payroll, sales and payable invoices
  • We will setup (up to 3) data feeds for your entities' bank and credit accounts and create automated bank rules for easy reconciliation of your transactions
  • We will customize up to 5 reporting templates for your business
  • Configuration of additional reports can be purchased separately
  • We will Review and suggest appropriate additional software to increase efficiency in your accounting and bookkeeping
  • We will provide 2 x 2 hour online training sessions (up to 5 team members per session)
  • We will record and deliver your training sessions via our hosted Vimeo channel (password protected)

Please note* QuickBooks Online is not included in the scope of this service.

Monthly Bookkeeping Package - Basic
  • This package include a subscription to QuickBooks Online paid for by The Happy Bookkeeper Inc.
  • This package includes a subscription to Hubdoc to automate data into your file paid for by The Happy Bookkeeper Inc.
  • Reconcile 1 credit card account and 2 bank accounts up to 250 transactions per month, per account
  • Reconcile accounts receivable and payable up to 100 transactions per month
  • Maintain data feeds into your QuickBooks Online file
  • Issue a monthly report on transaction trends and suggested improvements
Payment Schedule
On acceptance Total
Ledger Conversion Setup and Training
Including $150.00 GST
Recurring Total
Monthly Bookkeeping Package - Basic
Including $35.00 GST
Payment Details Required

Please enter or select your payment details. Charges will appear on your statement from PI*SKYRISE ACCOUNTI AU.

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Sign & Accept

Please read your terms of service as it contains important information.

Commencing {{proposal.commencement_date}}

RE: Confirmation of agreement for services between: *{{}}* And *{{ }}*

Attention: {{}}

{{ client.address }}

Dear {{ contact.addressee | default: }},

This letter is to confirm our understanding of the terms and objectives of our engagement and the nature and limitations of the services we will provide.

Purpose, Scope and Output of the Engagement

{{ }} will provide professional services at your request. The details of the services provided in this agreement are detailed below:

{{ proposal.service_summary }}

{{ proposal.price_summary }}

h3. Period of Engagement

This engagement starts on {{ proposal.commencement_date }} and is valid until {{ proposal.end_date }}. We will not deal with earlier periods unless you specifically ask us to do so and we agree.


We will make no attempt to adjust the records to reflect Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or to reflect proper tax record keeping. We will make no audit or other verification of the data you submit. We may provide reports that contain portions of financial information; these reports are for internal management use only. We will not provide any financial statements and will not perform any compilation, review or audit of the financial information. We do not at any time provide legal services of any type. We have not been requested to discover errors, misrepresentation, fraud, illegal acts, or theft. Therefore, have not included any procedures designed or intended to discover such acts, and you agree we have no responsibility to do so.

Why do we offer a fixed price agreement for ongoing services?

The standard method of billing in professional services has traditionally had an emphasis on providing services in exchange for an hourly rate. {{ }} has come to the realisation that this method is an archaic method of pricing. It is also a conflict of interest because what it means is (as an industry) we are directly rewarded for how inefficient we are. The longer we take to do the job the more we get. Hourly billing does not promote an emphasis on customer service or an incentive to complete jobs quickly.

The biggest issue with hourly billing you have no idea how much the job will be until the bill is received. We don't think that is fair on you. As a courtesy to you, we think you deserve
to know in advance how much the job will cost and what it entails. As a modern & progressive firm we have moved all of our engagements to a fixed price agreement model. What does this mean for you?

* You will always know how much you will pay for services in advance, and will always have the opportunity to discuss the agreement before we get started on any work. If new work is required outside of the scope of our existing agreement we will issue a written proposal for you to accept (or discuss) before we commence new services.

* It places the risk back on us, the practice. You don’t have to worry about paying for more hours than you thought it would take. We have to focus on being more efficient to ensure our relationship is mutually profitable. This means we can leverage the best in breed technology to constantly improve the quality of the services we deliver to you.

* It opens the lines of communication. You don’t have to be afraid to contact us with questions and be worried about receiving a bill for your time. All of our fixed price agreements include support and regularly scheduled review sessions. In fact, we encourage constant communication between {{ }} and {{ }}. Becoming your trusted advisor is our mission and open communication is the key.

Hourly Billing for Services with an Undefined Scope

While {{ }} will try to always provide a fixed price agreement, particularly in the instance where services are ongoing. However there are some services that we offer where an estimate based on an hourly rate is the only method of billing that applies. We’ll quote an hourly rate in cases of project work where it is difficult to define the scope of the service required. In the case where you have been quoted an estimate based on an hourly rate, {{ }} will inform {{ }} of the amount of time used before we issue the final bill and collect payment.

If possible, {{ }} will convert any hourly services into a fixed price agreement, if or when, the scope of the service becomes more apparent.

Unanticipated Services

While your fixed price agreement entitles you to unlimited communication, if your question or issue requires additional research and analysis beyond the services agreed in this contract, any additional work will be quoted to you before the commencement of said additional work. Once the scope of the additional work is agreed upon, we will issue a Change of Service Request via our online proposal system, and will ask you to sign the new agreement before we commence the new work.

Furthermore, {{ }} will agree that if an unanticipated need arises (such as an audit, an amended tax return or a personal financial statement required as part of a loan agreement), this additional work will be performed only after arriving at a mutually agreed-upon price and a Change of Service Request is accepted with a digital signature.

Service and Price Guarantee

{{ }} will always stand behind the quality and professional nature of the services that we offer. If at any point you are not completely satisfied with the services we have performed, we encourage you to bring this to our attention immediately. We’d love the opportunity to correctly address your concerns and allow us a chance to win your trust back and prevent similar problems from happening in the future.

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of our services, we will work towards a mutual agreement regarding the payment for services completed. As an example, we may agree to

either forgive the related payment or accept a portion of the originally agreed price that reflects your level of satisfaction.

Ownership of Documents

All original documents obtained from the client arising from the engagement shall remain the

property of the client. However, we reserve the right to make a reasonable number of copies of the original documents for our records.

{% if proposal.service_terms %}

Additional Service Terms


{% endif %}

Client Responsibilities

In conducting this engagement, information acquired by us in the course of the engagement is subject to strict confidentiality requirements. That information will not be disclosed by us to other parties except as required or allowed for by law, or with your express written consent.

The Client is responsible for the reliability, accuracy and completeness of the accounting records, particulars and information provided and disclosure of all material and relevant information. Clients are required to arrange for reasonable access by us to relevant individuals and documents, and shall be responsible for both the completeness and accuracy of the information supplied to us. Any advice given to the Client is only an opinion based on our knowledge of the Client's particular circumstances.

Confirmation of Terms

Please review and digitally sign this letter below to indicate that it is in accordance with your understanding of the arrangements. This letter will be effective for future years unless we advise you of any change.

{{ proposal.accept_link }}

Yours sincerely,

{{ client.partner_name | signature }}

{{ client.partner_job_title }}

{{ }}

I accept the above terms and payment terms.