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PROPOSALS 1 mins 14 Mar 2023 by Pat Kuo
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What are service terms?

Service terms are additional terms that are linked to specific services. They are optional and can be included in your engagement letter by adding the service to the proposal.

They will appear at the bottom of your terms template and the location cannot be changed.

How to add service terms to a service

You can add service terms to any service either through the proposal editor or your Library → Services tab. Learn more here.

When you are adding your service terms, you can also use placeholders to dynamically populate client and proposal information. Please refer to this list of supported placeholders

Adding via the proposal editor

If you have an existing service, click the service name in the Services step to bring up the Edit Service drawer.

Then, scroll down to the Service Terms section and add in your terms there. If you want to make changes to this service template, make sure to check the Overwrite service in library checkbox (only available for Admin users).

Adding via the Services tab

Navigate to your Library → Services tab → Select a service.

Scroll down to the Service terms section and add your service terms in. Remember to press Save when you’re done!

Your service terms will now appear whenever you add this service into a proposal.

Use cases for service terms

The overall use case is to include all the terms and legalities of the specific service that you do not need in your engagement letter.

This can include aspects like:

  • Terms to manage scope creep

  • Specific appendixes

  • Additional legal terms specific for that service

  • SLA’s for that service

  • Third party app privacy policies

Some practical examples:

This service will only be priced if you continue to use our monthly bookkeeping service.

The quoted price for this Accounts Production service is dependent on you providing records to us by the next financial year end and the following key accounts being reconciled:

  • Bank

  • Debtors

  • Creditors

  • Fixed assets

Meetings to discuss cashflow forecasts must be booked within 4 weeks of receiving the forecast from us or that quarters meeting is at our discretion.

{{ practice.name }} does not take responsibility if there is a late lodgement due to documents not being submitted by {{ client.name }} at least 4 weeks prior to lodgement date.

As this is an Annual Service Agreement, we do not provide refunds for this service after 3 months have elapsed.

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