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PROPOSALS 1 mins 24 Mar 2023 by Nicole Baptiste
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A great and easy way to introduce your clients to fixed fees is by using the Proposal Options feature in Ignition to clearly outline the benefits and cost-saving aspects of fixed fees.

Using Proposal Options can be especially effective to move your clients from hourly billing to fixed fee billing when they see the direct comparison.

Here’s an example below.

We suggest setting the Recommended option as the fixed fee option. This will be a predictable and consistent price for your clients.

Next, set the other option as the hourly rate, which will be a variable amount paired with any additional software fees.

The visual comparison through the use of Proposal Options can effectively move your hourly clients to a more stable and profitable billing scenario.

If your clients select the Hourly option, you can build your proposal to show the rates per service to be transparent about the difference between the two options.

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