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Whilst some of your clients may sign proposals you send them straight away, there are likely others that sometimes need a bit more prompting!

To save you some time following up with clients who have proposals that are waiting to be accepted, Ignition can automatically send reminder emails.

How do I enable proposal reminders?

Visit General Settings to enable to proposal reminders.

In the Proposal Reminders section, you can choose how long to wait before the first reminder is sent, and then how many reminder emails in total to send.

Once you're happy with the settings, click Save Settings in the top right to save them.

How are proposals that I've already sent to clients affected?

When you enable proposal reminders, you may have existing proposals that you've sent to clients and that are waiting to be accepted.

Reminders will be sent for those proposals, but only after the number of days you've chosen has passed.

In other words, reminders won't be sent immediately for outstanding proposals. We'll wait the number of days you specified before the first reminder is sent.

And of course, should the client accept the proposal before then, no reminders at all will be sent.

How can I see what's been sent to my client?

The proposal details tab shows all activity related to the proposal including each reminder that's been sent to the client.

ADD GIF: Clients > Client file with Awaiting Acceptance proposal > Click + show activity section

What's in the reminder email that the client receives?

The content of the reminder email is the same as email that clients receive when they're sent a new proposal.

However, the subject line is updated. For example:

Reminder: ACME Advisors has sent you a proposal for Bob's Bakery

The content of this email can be changed by editing your email templates under the "New proposal email" section in your email library.

Please note: If you have multiple email templates, your client will be sent the one that was selected when the proposal was created.

How do I stop reminders being sent?

For any proposal that you don't expect to be signed, we recommend moving it to the Lost state. You can do this by clicking Mark as Lost in the proposal Actions menu.

This helps keep your list of awaiting acceptance proposals up to date, and will stop any further reminders being sent.

What if I'd like to send more personal reminders to my client instead?

You can click the Resend button to send another email notification to your client. We suggest proactively reaching out and engaging your client for best results.