Wrapping up 2020

December 17th, 2020 by Guy Pearson 1 minute read

It’s hard to believe that we're now into the final days of 2020. While most of us will be happy to see the end of what's been a challenging year, there have been some silver linings that are worth celebrating.

Across the globe, accountants and bookkeepers have stepped up to the mark to help clients. You’ve been the safety net and financial frontliners for much-loved businesses, from small family run shops to large multinational businesses. You've also done an incredible job at fostering a sense of virtual community with one another.

And while you’ve been hard at work helping your clients, we’ve been busy rolling out the biggest product changes to our platform in the last seven years to deliver more value to your practice.

So, as we look to close out 2020, here are some of my reflections on the year that’s been, and why we look towards 2021 with anticipation and excitement.

Big thank you to our customers

On behalf of Practice Ignition, I also wanted to take a moment to thank all our customers and community for your incredible support over the past year and rising up to the challenge of 2020.

Enjoy this holiday message from our global team as we take our ‘hats off’ and say thank you all the way from Australia, Canada, the Philippines, South Africa, the US, and the UK.

Have a safe festive season and we look forward to what we can achieve together in 2021!

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