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With proposal reminders you can follow up on your proposals automatically.

REVENUE GROWTH 1 mins 29 May 2018 by Lizzie Rutledge
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Let's be honest for a second, we’ve all suffered from the dreaded “inbox fatigue”. The average knowledge worker receives 121 emails daily and sends around 40! It’s easy to see how something as significant as say, a contract from your accountant or bookkeeper might get overlooked.

Information overload

And though Ignition makes it easy to track and re-send proposals, we wanted to take it a step further and make the process automatic. That is why we're excited to announce proposal reminders!

What are proposal reminders?

With proposal reminders you now have the option to set a practice wide cadence for following up and re-sending proposals - automatically! Once you’ve set your cadence, Ignition will take care of the rest.

OK, how do I start using them?

Just visit General Settings and scroll down to "Proposal Reminders". Here's a quick video which walks you through it:

What about proposals I no longer want to resend?

Reminders are only sent for proposals that are awaiting acceptance. So, if there are any awaiting acceptance proposals that you don't wish to reminder your clients about, you’ll want to mark them as lost first.

In general it’s best practice to monitor your awaiting acceptance proposal list and make sure it only contains proposals that have a chance of being accepted.

You can always move your lost proposals back to draft if you decide to send them again at a future date.

We recommend marking proposals as lost if you don't expect them to be accepted

If you have proposals already in awaiting acceptance and you want to enable reminders, the timeline will go something like this:

  • 1st June - The proposal was first sent to client.
  • 10th June - Reminders are enabled. You choose to send them every 3 days, up to 2 times.
  • 10th June - The first reminder is sent, as it's over 3 days since the original email went to the client.
  • 13th June - The second reminder is sent.

Of course, once the proposal is accepted, no further reminders are sent.

More questions?

Check out our support article for all the details. As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to improving your experience with Ignition!

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Published 29 May 2018 Last updated 19 Mar 2024