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LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY 7 mins 10 Nov 2023 by Kasey Clark
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Key takeaways

How to get the most out of your QuickBooks Connect experience

Ready to hit the ground running at QuickBooks Connect, on November 13-15? 

More than a conference, QuickBooks Connect is a gathering of minds from the QuickBooks ecosystem that aims to spark innovation, foster networking, and fuel business growth. 

As a proud gold sponsor, Ignition is excited to be at the heart of it all. As part of the big event, don’t miss the legendary #IgnitionPrecon party, on November 12 from 7pm at Alexxa’s Las Vegas.

Ignition’s Partnerships Manager Jennie Moore will be at the three-day event at the Aria, in the never-a-dull-moment Las Vegas. 

Here, she shares the inside scoop on the sessions you can't afford to miss, the speakers set to inspire, and the must-visit booths in the exhibitors hall. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Hear from leading industry experts at QuickBooks Connect, including (from left to right) Dawn Brolin; Logan Graf; Jeremy Wells; Dan Gertrudes; and Carla Caldwell.

Setting your agenda: Sessions scheduled to excite

Jennie Moore has her sights set on a packed agenda of sessions at the conference, and you can, too. 

Topping her list are sessions by Carla Caldwell, CEO of Candella Services

Advisory is that very loose term that's being tossed around, and it's very exciting,” Jennie Moore says. 

“What I like about Carla's approach is, she makes [advisory] very practical. She's broken her sessions into advisory for construction, advisory for non-profits, and then just the fundamentals of advisory.”

“If anyone's interested in this fancy term everyone’s talking about, they should check out Carla’s sessions,” she says. 

Likewise, Dan Gertrudes, CEO of GrowthLab Financial Services, is also poised to impart wisdom on building robust financial models. 

“Dan knows the big, the bad, and the ugly,” Jennie Moore says. 

“If there's one person you could just stick in a corner and pick their brain for five minutes, Dan's got some stuff for you… so on Tuesday, when he has his session ‘10 steps for building a world-class financial model’, those are 10 steps I want to know.”

What’s more, Dan also has a knack for being able to explain financials, so if you like what he has to say on Tuesday, you can also check out his Wednesday session, “Financial storytelling: the key to being a financial advisor,” Jennie Moore recommends. 

If you want to be where all the people are, says Jennie Moore, don’t miss seeing Dawn Brolin of The Designated Motivator in action. 

“If there's one person who will give you the kick in the butt and the information you need to run QuickBooks Online, it’s Dawn,” says Jennie Moore.

Her session on ‘QuickBooks Online Tips and Tricks’ is likely to have a huge turnout – “mainly because she makes it fun,” she says. 

Plus, like Carla Caldwell, Dawn Brolin will also tackle the advisory topic with a Monday session on “Powering prosperity with tax advisory.”

A pertinent panel: The change management challenge

One opportunity Jennie is really looking forward to is moderating her panel session, “Navigating the transformation: modernizing firms through change management” with Logan Graf, CEO of The Graf Tax Co; Jeremy Wells, owner of JWellsCFO; and Marcus Dillon, President of Dillon Business Advisors

“Change management is this big, scary thing that we don't get a lot of education on as accounting professionals. But, boy oh boy, are we faced with it!” says Jennie Moore. 

“These days, it’s change or be changed, and you may not like the change that's happening to you, so that's what this panel session is about.”

The panel is also about the humanization of change management; the importance of having your teams’ buy-in for adopting change; and the need to have the right processes, platforms, and people in place. 

“Jeremy, Marcus, and Logan have quite a bit of knowledge within the tax sphere, so what we'll be sharing is what you shouldn't do… in other words, learn from our mistakes,” says Jennie Moore. 

“Within roughly 60 minutes, you get to save yourselves years’ worth of pain just by listening to what we screwed up on,” says Jennie Moore.

Ignite your practice at the Ignition booth

At QuickBooks Connect, the Ignition booth (booth #72) is where stories, strategies, and success come together. And, if you would like to see a demo of Ignition, now’s your chance to book a live demo to see the platform in action

Jennie Moore will be on hand, alongside Ignition’s customer success team, sales team, marketing team, Co-founder and CEO Guy Pearson and Managing Director for AMER, Matt Kanas

But besides the Ignition gang, we’ll also have peers with us, Jennie Moore says. 

“We like bringing people to the booth to really bring stories to our customers, because we can never really replicate that.” 

“And we want to create that bonding and experience that QuickBooks Connect does very well. So each day, we have a series of ambassadors or individuals from the industry coming to interact with our customers, so you can hear more than just the stats and facts from us,” she says. 

Some of the fabulous Women in Accounting professionals will be there, and for a short stint on Tuesday, so will Future Firm founder Ryan Lazanis. 

“Ryan Lazanis is a great person if you can corner him to pick his brain on pricing, strategy, and value,” says Jennie Moore. But he’ll be there, 3:00pm to 4:30pm only, so pop by then if you can.”

In addition to industry and Ignition movers and shakers, the booth will also showcase some new Ignition features and integrations. 

Watch out for an exciting announcement from Ignition that promises to make engaging clients and getting paid a breeze this tax season.

And check out the handy Price Increase feature, and the invoice import feature that’s now built-in with QuickBooks Online

“[Ignition’s] Price Increase feature will be really helpful for individuals to articulate their value and make sure they're retaining that profit margin," Jennie Moore says.

“Also, if you're new to adopting Ignition, we can instantly convert your recurring invoices from QuickBooks Online into proposals within Ignition," she says. "It really saves both time and money."

Plus, you can also expect conversation around credit card surcharges and how accounting and tax professionals have the option to pass on card fees to clients in Ignition. 

Busy season is also made much easier with Ignition’s bulk capability like the ability to engage hundreds of clients in a few clicks or renew existing agreements in bulk.

“Ultimately, what we're trying to do [at the booth] is create that friendly environment and help individuals really streamline how their practices are run,” Jennie Moore says. 

Exhibitor hall: the best of the rest

A stroll through the exhibitors hall at QuickBooks Connect promises a glimpse into the future of accounting technology, and Jennie Moore knows exactly which booths offer the best sneak peeks. 

For starters, she always checks out the Intuit booth. 

“There's always something going on there,” she says. “They have a product marketing stand where they want to get your insights and visualize how the product can move forward. I really like being part of that experience, because it makes me feel like I'm part of the future of what that platform is.” 

Jennie’s other top picks? 

  • For those dealing with expense reports, a stop at Expensify's booth is a must. 
  • Virtual firms concerned with data security will find value in exploring Practice Protect.
  • SmartVault and Keeper remain close to Jennie Moore’s heart for organization and financial report delivery. “Keeper, I use in my own firm, and it’s been doing a lot of advancements on how to keep organized and deliver financial reports to customers.” 
  • Ecommerce pros should not miss A2X, the go-to for simplifying online transaction postings. “If you're in ecommerce and you find it difficult to post transactions into QuickBooks Online and you're having trouble with Amazon, Shopify, and big commerce, A2X is your solution,” she says.
  • For seamless banking integration, look to Relay enough. “It's been an absolute game-changer for bank feeds, statements, and credit cards.” 
  • And last but not least, check out Ryan Reynolds’ keynote speech! Who could miss an opportunity to see the actor, producer and entrepreneur sharing his business insights live?

So, make sure these booths and sessions are on your QuickBooks Connect agenda!

Jennie Moore’s tips and tricks for maximizing your QuickBooks Connect experience

To enjoy all that’s on offer at QB Connect, Jennie Moore also has the following simple but solid suggestions:

  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Make sure you have a reusable water bottle.
  • Bring lip balm – it can get dry! 
  • Take a backpack to carry all the exhibit hall swag you’ll pick up.

“You're going to be moving around, you want to be comfortable,” Jennie Moore says. “You want to have fun, and this is a great way to do that. And don't be afraid to pack some snacks, too!”

Where to go from here

For once, it shouldn’t be a case of ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. 

We want you to come to QuickBooks Connect and take away some amazing insights and innovations to power your practices long after the three-day extravaganza ends. 

If you want to see Ignition in action before you get to the big event, you can. Watch an instant demo now, then be sure to hit our Ignition sessions and stop by for a chat at booth #72. 

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