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Introducing a Fixed Price Service Library including real-world prices.

LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY 2 mins 01 May 2018 by Tom Maxwell
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After helping thousands of businesses send proposals that have resulted in over 1 million accepted services, we’ve realized that creating a definitive service library is an incredibly difficult task.

So we wanted to do something about it.

Ignition is pleased to announce that users can automatically import a list of 40+ of the most popular services in their region.

Australia, UK, Canada and USA are available today, with NZ and South Africa to follow in the near future.

What industries have been included in the service library?

First and foremost, for accountants and bookkeepers the example services are based on real-world examples collected from a survey of influential Ignition users. Those services and prices are being used in real proposals, right now.

Apart from accountants and bookkeepers, we’ve also suggested example fixed price services for a range of professional services as a separate import, including:

  • IT & Software Development
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Property Management
  • Human Resources

How will this help?

If you’re a professional service provider, please do me one favor:

Never underestimate the importance of your service agreements.

If you’ve followed our blog, you know that we’ve banged on about the importance of engagement letters (AKA proposals, client agreements, or contracts) for years. But there’s one key element of your client agreement that underpins it all: your library of services.

A well defined service library gives you, the service provider:

  • a structured and scalable approach to selling your range of services,
  • the ability to reduce (or even eliminate) scope creep and,
  • the ability to minimize risk and set clear expectations with your client.

For your clients, well written service descriptions:

  • clearly define the price and billing structure,
  • set expectations of the scope and limitations of the deliverables and,
  • identify timelines and the obligations that each party in the agreement has to each other.

The curated service library will give you a fantastic starting point for building out your services. With the help of some of our closest friends, we've incorporated these best practices right into each service.

Here’s how it works:

Log into your Ignition account, click a button select your industry and hit import. Simple as that!

After importing, you can customise them however you like.

What’s included in each service?

Each service in the list includes:

  • A service name
  • A description, which outlines the detailed scope and deliverables of the service
  • The recommended billing type (such as billed on acceptance or monthly recurring)
  • A recommended fixed-fee price
  • Suggested Terms and Conditions relevant to the specific service

Final Steps

We genuinely hope that we’ve helped ease the job of defining your service library. Next steps is to edit them to your unique needs of your clients and your practice. If you'd like even more inspiration, check out our best practices help article for designing a world-class service library.

Armed with a new methodology for writing your services, go ahead and add your services that are unique to your business. Think about how you want to structure the billing for each service and set a regular cadence for reviewing your service offering. Happy engaging!

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Published 01 May 2018 Last updated 19 Mar 2024