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Professional or Scale plan customers can now add videos from Loom, YouTube, and Vimeo to proposals.

INCREASE EFFICIENCY 2 mins 23 Jan 2020 by Steve Saul
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In a previous update to Ignition we allowed you to add a brochure to your proposals. Brochures are a great way to show your potential clients why you’re the best choice for them.

Today we’re taking it up a notch by releasing support for video!

If you’re on a Professional or Scale plan, you can now add videos from Loom, YouTube, and Vimeo directly to your proposals.

Videos are a great way for you to bring authenticity and personality to your client engagement. Here are some ways you can use video in Practice Ignition to your advantage:

Getting new clients

You want to scale your business by differentiating yourself and bringing on higher value clients faster.

With brochures you already have complete flexibility over how you tell your story and showcase your brand.

And now with a video recording that speaks directly to your clients …you have a secret weapon to close those bigger, harder-to-win deals.

By adding a video that plays at the start of your proposal, you can:

  • Introduce your prospects to your company or team
  • Showcase testimonials from other clients
  • Let your prospects know how to view and sign their engagement letter
  • Address any frequently asked questions about your services

Enhancing your client onboarding

Entering into a new professional services relationship can be a daunting experience for clients. You want to reassure them that they made the right decision.

By adding a personalised recording that plays right after your client accepts your proposal, you can:

  • Thank them for becoming a client
  • Educate them on what to expect next
  • Tell them how to book a kick-off call
  • Introduce them to the team

It’s completely your choice what to include, but with the power of video you can make a potentially stressful onboarding process effortless for your new client.

Nurturing your existing relationships

It’s natural to focus effort on new clients, but video offers the perfect opportunity to nurture your most valued client relationships too.

A renewal is a perfect time to show a client what they mean to you, and to grow the relationship by increasing the services they use.

Building strong relationships with existing clients can make your revenue-generating efforts more efficient and help boost your bottom line.

By adding a personalised recording at the start of your proposal, you can:

  • Recap last year’s successes
  • Suggest new services for your client to use i.e. up-sell
  • Inform them of new services offered by your business i.e. cross-sell
  • Advise of any important changes to your business since their last engagement

Or why not add a video after your client accepts your renewal proposal to celebrate another year together?

How to get started

All the information you need for getting started with video is available right here on our Support Site.

As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to improving Practice Ignition with each new release! Stay tuned - Onwards and Upwards!

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Published 23 Jan 2020 Last updated 19 Mar 2024