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Learn how to utilize video in your future proposals, the benefits, and why it's so effective.

REVENUE GROWTH 4 mins 14 Dec 2021 by Jennie Moore
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Have you ever had a fantastic solution to your client's accounting difficulties that you wanted to share but didn't know how to? This article is intended for accounting professionals to teach others how to utilize video in their future proposals, the benefits of using video, and why it's such an effective tool for getting your point across.

Why are videos important?

It’s well known that video continues to be the most engaging type of content. It’s not only a useful tool when it comes to helping potential clients learn about your services in a digestible way, it’s also an opportunity to visually showcase the personality of your brand. Videos capture attention quickly and efficiently. They have been known to convince others of a certain idea more effectively then traditional Word engagements. In fact, Ignition customers who used video in their proposals had clients accept 30% faster than proposals without video on average. Besides their benefits being pretty self-explanatory, videos are also great at providing insight into how you can solve a client's problem by using your voice. Clients crave human interaction and simplification when making a big business decision such as wondering which accounting service to commit to. For example, videos can help a business owner understand your service packages and what makes you different from your competitors! In the end, that is what matters most - giving your future clients a way to experience what you are trying to solve! Here are a few ways you can action videos in your engagements:

A great proposal starts with capturing a video

There are a variety of video-editing tools out there for you to leverage. Loom is my favorite because it's easy to use, free for short videos under five minutes, and offers greater privacy settings than other options.

Pro Tip: Use a video link in the Introduction Video feature found in the Presentation tab in Ignition for your video to populate as soon as the client opens your proposal. Check out our help article on How to Add Videos to a Proposal or a sample video from Reid (one of our awesome Account Managers)!

Option 1: Create a Standard Video

A standard video format is a great way to easily create an emotional connection with your future client when time is limited, or if you wish to ensure your company brand has a standard message. This approach may be preferable during tax season when your firm is sending various proposals to customers in a short period of time.

Pro Tip: Ignition makes it a snap to create proposals in bulk by allowing customers to choose from three service options using the New Proposal Editor. This is the perfect solution for tax preparers to easily send out mass proposals to easily collect digital signatures and collect payments with ease. We have several tax proposal templates to help you make this tax season rock!

When you're ready to create a video for your proposal, you'll want to make sure that it follows a certain format. That way, your clients will know what to expect and it will be easier for them to understand what you're trying to say. Here are a few tips for creating a standard boilerplate video:

1. Start by introducing yourself and your company. This is a great opportunity to tell your future clients about who you are and what you do.

2. Next, explain the problem that you're trying to solve that is generic. Be sure to highlight the specific needs your clients typically have and how your product or service can address those needs.

3. Showcase your solution! This is where you'll want to really take the time to articulate what differentiates you from other accounting firms.

Option 2: Create a Customized Video

Customized videos provide a personalized touch. This is much more appealing than sending out standard generic videos that may come across as unoriginal to the receiver. Instead, you can create customized messages that are specifically for your client. This way, they will feel like you took the time to understand their needs and wants and created something just for them - which is exactly what you should be doing! It takes some time to put together customized messages with video, but it is worth it in the long run. In my business, Moore Details, we utilize custom videos for all of our proposals through Ignition. The feedback I've received is abundant in that my clients feel confident in our services as a solution to their problems. If you do choose to use this method, here's what you'll want to do:

1. Talk about your idea but this time, rather than being generic about how your service can help them, focus on them specifically. Talk about some of their unique needs that might not have been included in the standard video.

2. Give some examples or case studies! Explaining some before and after scenarios is a great way to highlight the benefits of what you are trying to solve and amplifies your value.

3. The final stage is to sincerely thank them for their time. Express your desire to solve their issues and any other actions you can think of that would be beneficial to them.

In closing, videos are a great way to win more clients because they can tap into how our brains work and give us a more personal experience. If you have never made a video before and need help crafting one for your next proposal, we'd love to to meet you! Let us know what kind of engagement you're looking at and we can easily provide you with actionable workflows to make it easier to close more deals and make this tax season a little less disorganized.
To support you on this journey, consider adopting a solution like Ignition’s client engagement and commerce platform. The software comes with everything you need to engage and retain clients. From proposals and engagement letters to client management and billing, Ignition is here to help you build win-win relationships with your clients. Start a free 14-day trial today and see how our platform can help your business grow.

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Published 14 Dec 2021 Last updated 19 Mar 2024