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48 mins 24 Nov 2022

95% of accountants and bookkeepers experience late payments, with client invoices that are past their due date on average 31 days overdue*

This coupled with the out-of-scope work that close to 40% of accountants and bookkeepers never bill, is taking a heavy toll on practices cash flow.

Join our expert guest speakers Nadja Harris—Policy Director at the Tax Practitioners Board—Rebecca Mihalic—Director at Business DEPOT—and Julie Harris—Head of Research AU, YouGov—as they discuss the reasons behind this cashflow endemic and the effect it is having on practices and their teams.


Watch this on-demand session to learn:

  • What are the causes of this cash flow endemic.
  • What’s the impact it’s having on practices and their teams.
  • What are the main barriers accountants and bookkeepers face when trying to address the issue.
  • What are the top strategies to counter this.
  • How technology can help.

*Ignition, State of client engagement in Australia. © 2022 by Ignition.