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48 mins 18 Jan 2024

Strategies to get your firm's time back and avoid burnout this tax season

Join us for a game-changing panel discussion exclusively for accountants seeking to get their lives back during tax season.

In this expert webinar, industry titans Dawn Brolin and Marcus Dillon will delve into their personal journeys, revealing how they successfully manage tax season capacity, achieve work-life balance, and even thrive during what is often considered 'no-life season' for accounting professionals.

"Structuring my work day to align with my personal goals means I work 6 hours a day during tax season, fostering productivity, profitability, and eliminating time waste. Because it’s softball season instead of tax season."

- Dawn Brolin, Powerful Accounting

About the session

You'll discover: 

  • How Dawn and Marcus took control of tax season by moving beyond filing returns to year-round, proactive tax advisory. 
  • Real-life insights into achieving work-life balance and avoiding burnout during the busiest time of the year.
  • Practical strategies to start implementing in your firm for the 2024 tax season and beyond. 
  • The tech stacks that have helped Dawn and Marcus transform their firm's productivity and get their team's life back.

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